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Thread: 2013 RME Summer Quarterly 4x4 Training Day Trip Report

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    2013 RME Summer Quarterly 4x4 Training Day Trip Report

    We had another great Quarterly Training Day. Many thanks to the presenters, attendees, Jack-it, and What a great group of people.

    Friday night we covered the following topics:

    - Introductions
    - How to prepare for a trip and what to bring
    - Geology of AF Canyon and other parts of Utah (Davy @ Alljeep)
    - Camping Gear 101 (Davy @ Alljeep)
    - Tread Lightly/Trail Ettiquette
    - Where to go wheeling in Utah

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    Maverick gave us a great hands-on demo of how to winch in certain situations.

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    It was really cool to see a moose pass through our campsite. I'm sure some of you have much better pictures of the moose.

    From there we split up into 3 groups to put our new knowledge to the test: 1 to Forest Lake, and 2 different groups to Mineral Basin.

    We were in the second Mineral Basin group. Nobody had run the trail but me. The trail seemed rockier and rougher to me this year.

    Poe_student did amazing in his stock F250.

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    Once we made it past the rock garden we continued on.

    Steve decided to try the harder stuff in his Isuzu.

    We decided to put our recovery skills to the test rather than risking damage. With a quick pull on the strap it came right up.

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    Next up was Brett in his Blazer.

    It looks so tiny in pictures.

    After some good attempts, Brett, Hans, and I decided to head back down while the rest continued on.

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    Rock Taco and I decided to do some more exploring, and we went up to Miller Hill. I had always wanted to visit this area, but I never knew how to access it. This is my new favorite area up here.

    From the top of Miller Hill we could see the Mineral Basin ski lift.

    We could also see the trail to pittsburgh lake, but we couldn't see the lake. I think it's hidden by the trees.

    I think the lake is somewhere in here:

    We explored the area and found some mine entrances.

    Then we headed back down, and headed home. It was a really great training day with lots of information shared and learned, and lots of new faces that I hope to see on the trail soon. Thanks for coming!

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    Gotta love them syncros vw's I had one but if I remember right they still sit on 14" tires.
    But mine was a westy and when it came time to camp they rock.
    If you want to ride let's ride and if you want an attitude well we just need to do some more ridding.
    Life is good and life is fare.

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    Agreed, those syncros are amazing. This one had stock 28" tires.

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