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Thread: Bear Lake - Highline Etc. - July 2013

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    Bear Lake - Highline Etc. - July 2013

    We did a 90 mile loop and got some good use out of the subframe gas tanks.

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    Man, that looks like a blast. Do you know Andrew B.? he lives up in Lewiston and is a super fun guy to ride with. He's sitting this year out due to injury, but I hope to ride with him soon.

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    Do you happen to have a map of the entirety of this Highline trail? A GPS file would even be better! We rode a bit of this from Beaver Mtn north past the turnoff to Bloomington Lake. I know the trail goes all the way to Soda Springs, but I haven't seen a good map.

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    Bear Lake - Highline Etc. - July 2013

    I've ridden from Fish Haven to Soda: Fish-Haven,-ID-to-Soda-Springs,-ID-via-the-Highline-Trail

    Here is a map etc. You can do some searches on here and find more: Bear-Lake-to-Soda-Springs-Idaho-via-the-Highline-Trail-[07.30.11]

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    @accadacca , Thanks! Now I have this crazy hankering to do this whole route on my Mountain Bike. From the map you supplied, it looks like the majority of the trail is not really singletrack trail. Is that true? Also, having done the singletrack sections on the southern end of the ride, I'm very aware that there are some nasty, rocky sections involved. How is the trail farther north? I'm prepared for "more of the same" but I don't want to run into sections that are multiple miles long that I would have to walk.


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    It is doable, but might take an overnighter. Especially given how late in the year it is. Unless you guys are real studs...which very well may be the case. It is 100 miles one way from Fish Haven. It does have some rocky sections, but I would think much of it is rideable. It is not hard to get lost either, so study the trail and bring a GPS. The trails marked "motorcycle only" on this map is the only section that is singletrack:

    I would say go for it!

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    Lots of camp grounds in this area.
    Lots of kick ass single track there too.
    If you want to ride let's ride and if you want an attitude well we just need to do some more ridding.
    Life is good and life is fare.

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