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Thread: Desolation canyon - Green River

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    Desolation canyon - Green River

    6/6/2013 - 6/10/2013

    Just off another wonderful trip down Desolation/Grey canyon on the Green River. Sadly, my son got sick a day before the trip and my wife ended up staying home with him and not joining us on the adventure.

    We had 4 families go, 4 boats and gazzilion of kids! The flow was 10,000 cfs and weather was perfect. Not much in the bugs department, we had nice breeze, so maybe that's what kept these things at bay.

    Day 1:

    We drove out to Sandwash via the Myton construction detour, wasn't bad, added an additional 20 minutes to the trip. Put in was decent and not washed out. I was able to easily drop my boat on the trailer. Took us about 1.5 hours to rig up and get checked out by the ranger. Ranger didn't give us any grief and let us go on our merry way.

    Luckily we brought a motor and were able to barge up for a great relaxing day on the river.

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    The kids had a riot jumping into the water and playing with water guns. We ate lunch as we motored through the first 25 miles of flat. All Jack Creek camps were taken so the first night we ended up staying at Mushroom Rock. We hiked the petros and the rock and had a great dinner. Kids caught all kinds of wild life, frogs, lizards, etc.

    Day 2:

    Had an early breakfast (hashbrowns, eggs, bacon, coffee and OJ) and pushed out by 9:30am (record time for a second day!). Second day we only had Steerridge rapid, we didn't bother scouting it and just ran it. Since I was by myself, I wanted to see what a river would do. I ended up shipping my oars and riding it out. I made it through a class 3 rapid without touching my oars. In fact I didn't touch the oars for the next 40 minutes, finally grabbed them when I was getting sucked into an eddy. On Day 2 we made it to Log Cabin #1 camp (my favorite) and luckily it wasn't taken!

    Log Cabin #1 has a great beach for kids, it's like a little paradise. All kids jumped into the river and adults set up the camp. We were going to do a layover day here, so we built a large camp! We had slack line, bungie line for kids, bocce, ladder ball, hammocks and plenty of shade from the wings. For dinner we had yummy spaghetti with DO desert.

    Day 3:

    Our layover day, just sat around the camp, drank beers, listen to music and waved to other parties going by. Kids didn't get out of the water the whole day. We ended up swimming rapids and practicing throw roping. Hot dogs, brats and sausages for dinner with DO desert.

    Day 4:

    We had Joe Hatch rapid on this day, we were too lazy to scout, so we just ran the left side. A few splashy waves, nothing serious. Our novice kids ran it blind in an IK.

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    We made it to Wire Fence #1 camp and luckily it wasn't taken. Great camp on a hot day. This is a camp for fireworks! Kids stayed up until 11pm playing with fireworks, catching craw dads, frogs and cat fish. For dinner we had cat fish tacos! Yum!

    Day 5:

    Ran Wire Fence and Three Fords without spilling any beer, made it to Nefferttiti and motored through Green River daily. At Sandknoll rapid (biggest one on the daily) we put all kids on Dan's cataraft and let them all jump into the meat of the rapid and swim it. All kids did great swimming this long section. A few got chocked up, but we had all 3 rafts and an IK at the bottom of the rapid to pick up the victims. Kids loved it and got a lot of respect for white water from the experience.

    The take out was painless, helped a few commercials with their rafts, had the whole ramp to ourselves and finished off with a hamburger at Ray's.

    Great time! Missed my family, but enjoyed the river.


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    So sorry your family wasn't able to join you! I love that stretch. How lucky for those kids to experience something like this! I had to wait until I was 35 to do this!

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    Shan, same here. I hope these kids will catch the love for the rivers!

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