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    This was my third trip to Havasupai, and it was my favorite. The swimming was GREAT, but crowded and hot. We visited and swam in each of the 5 major falls areas.

    Some general information about the hike, from the trailhead which is called Hualapai Hilltop, to Supai Village, is 8 miles.

    From Supai Village to the campground is 2 miles.

    The campground is in a half mile stretch between both Havasu Falls and Mooney Falls, you'll pass Havasu Falls right before you reach the campground, and this is also where your packs will be dropped off if you opted to have the mule train haul them for you.

    From Mooney Falls to Beaver Falls is about 3 miles, and then about another 5 to reach the confluence of the Colorado River.

    The 5 major falls in the valley are in order of appearance:

    New Navajo Falls (Navajo Falls has been bypassed since the flood of 2008)

    Rock Falls, within sight of New Navajo Falls. This is a popular place to jump off of the falls.

    Havasu Falls - this is the most famous and popular of all, if you see any photo of a waterfall from the canyon it would most likely be this one standing at about 100 feet tall.

    Mooney Falls - another MUST SEE falls standing at about 190 feet coming down a sheer drop off. Navigation to the bottom of Mooney Falls requires some technical but safe climbing guided by chains and steps carved into the wall, and ducking through 2 tunnels.

    Beaver Falls, another great swimming and jumping destination. There is a cavern beneath one of the falls that is nice to swim under.

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    And just for some more technical stuff, here are some maps. If you are coming from up North or West, it is highly recommended to take the Las Vegas route. Supai is nestled just on the southern edge of the Grand Canyon.

    From Salt Lake to Hualapai Hilltop trailhead, plan on about a 10 hour drive.

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    The most common question about elevation is regarding the switchbacks near the trailhead. They cover roughly 1000 feet in about a mile, and then another 1000 feet to the village over the next 6 miles. You are hiking in down, so please be prepared for the hike up and out.

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    Did some jumping in a few places

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    Nice jumping shots.

    Must have been rough in that hammock...the kind you sleep in.

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    And no... Fires are not allowed in the campground, so this was quickly extinguished, and only to demonstrate the skill

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    More photos and description added, I'll be posting some video soon

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    So beautiful!! I want to go so badly! Def a top 5 on my list. Glad you had a good time

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    Thanks, it's definitely one to check off the list. I've been three times and it just gets better each time.

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    Video added

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    VERY NICE!!!! Loved the vid! Thanks for sharing!
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    ONly been to Havasupai twice. Once before the Flood and once after. Both time were awesome! I love your video and pictures :D
    My YouTube Channel

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    I was there around 1978. I had heard that the flood messed it up a lot.
    But from your pics it's recovered and is just as beautiful as I remember it.
    Thanks for the great report. Might have to go back.
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    Thanks everybody. It seems there's a major flood about every fifteen years, and only for about the first two years it takes the little pools and falls to build up again with the travertine deposits. Most of the falls remain pretty much the same though except for a little shifting from side to side.

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    Hey Chica!! I recognize you. @sweetygurl_03 Birdie wants to see Havasupai lets plan one for next May. Welcome to the forum.


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    You have a description of what to expect, except for one thing - the price!! Expensive!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jman View Post
    You have a description of what to expect, except for one thing - the price!! Expensive!
    Yeah, fairly expensive for a campground. This is from havasupai falls, an unofficial website that has good info:


    * Fees are subject to change without prior notice. The fees are non-negotiable. All fees are taxable by 10%.

    Entrance Fee Permit.........................................$35 .00*
    per person

    Paid per person upon entry, no discounts.

    This fee is charged one time per visit. All visitors entering the Havasupai Indian Reservation are required to pay this fee and check in upon arrival at the Tourist Office.
    Note: Native Americans with a valid Tribal I. D. card or Tribal enrollment card are exempt from this fee.

    Campground Fee .............................................$17.0 0*
    per person / per night

    Paid per person upon entry, no discounts.

    Environmental Care Fee ....................................$5.00*
    per person

    Paid per person upon entry, no discounts.

    Example Camping Fees

    for Party of 4: 2 adults, 2 children ages 14 & 10
    Hiking in and camping for 2 nights

    Amount Each
    Total Amount
    Entrance Fees
    Nights Camping Fees
    Environmental Fees
    __ $20.00


    10% Tax



    All reservations must be made via telephone.

    Camping: 1-928-448-2121, 1-928-448-2141,
    1-928-448-2174, or 1-928-448-2180

    Camping Office Hours: 7am - 7pm

    Lodge: 1-928-448-2111 or 1-928-448-2201

    Reservations for popular times of year fill up months in advance, make your reservation as soon as possible.

    All visitors staying at the campgrounds must stop in at the camping office to pay the required fees. The camping office is next to the grassy landing field, across from the cafe.

    If you are with a large group, please designate a leader to take care of the fees and pick up tags. Lodge guests do not need to stop in the office, entry fees will be collected at the lodge.

    Lodge Check in 9am - 5pm 7 days a week.

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    I know that last year when I went over Memorial Day weekend. They tacked on some extra fee, I didn't handle the money my sister in law did so I am not sure what it was or if she just figured stuff wrong. In the end I paid over $400 for Me and my two kids for two nights. Jen is Type A and not likely to make a mistake like that $90 extra, so I really think they added on an extra fee AT the tourists office. Luckily her hubby floated us ALL until we could get back home to our checkbooks. I only took a couple extra bucks in case we wanted something from the store. When they say fees are subject to change without notice there not joking.

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    I think i paid about $110 for 3 nights, so maybe something went wrong on the reservation, pun not intended

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    $400 for 3 people to visit for 2 Pricy! I know our visit for 2 nights back in July were about $80/night per person.

    You gotta be Mr Moneybags to visit Havasupai... :(
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    "There are two ways to die in the desert - dehydration and drowning." -overhearing a Park Ranger at Capitol Reef N.P.
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    Yeah, expensive as far as camping goes. But then again, with the convenience store, grocery store, cafe (which we all visited this time) and the lodge, it's hardly roughing it now. So for the usual motel crowd who like to go on day hikes now and then with the $85 helicopter ride each way, it probably fits right into their budget.

    If you go and swim all 5 falls and truly experience as much as you can, I'd say it's worth it. June and July aren't ideal because of the HEAT and the crowds (people started setting up tents right in the middle of the trail because that was the only bare flat spot left).

    I would aim for late april through May, and then September through October. A little cooler air but the water stays at @ 70

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