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Thread: American Fork Canyon/Tibble Fork Singletrack

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    American Fork Canyon/Tibble Fork Singletrack

    Met Glen in the parking lot of Tibble Fork Reservoir at 6:00 am this morning, which is early considering I drove for 1.5 hrs to get there. We had to do an early morning ride due to the fact that Glen had Kid/sports commitments and stressed that we had to be back to the trucks by 10:00! I figured it would be worth the early wake-up and drive to do this as I have been Jonsin to ride AF canyon since I rode it last year and I know how premium it is. Plus it just opened up last weekend I believe. We changed into out riding gear in our vehicles due to the fact that it was around 40 degrees. We were on our seats warming up our bikes by 6:30. From this point on it only gets better. I don't know the names of the single track trails that we were on but it was perfect! No dust. Super tacky! And Glen led me on an amazing set of single track loops that were the Tastiest, Moistest, Choicest stuff I have been on in a loooong time. Our KTM's were Slicin n Dicin like no tomorrow! Glen was doin his best to become Mr. Clean, as in not dab at all, but of course he had to here and there. Much cleaner than myself. We made it up high once but ran into too much snow and had to turn around and hit some other tasty stuff. Again, I apologize for not knowing the names of the trails we were on. We crossed Hwy 92 a few times. Went threw a few camps. Only saw a couple hikers, a group of 6 mountain bikers and 3 horseback riders. Eventually we made it back to the trucks, pulling into the parking lot at exactly 10:00. I wanted more! We clocked 38 miles but it was 38 miles of awesomeness! Super Tasty as Glen repeated several times!
    A very successful ride... No break downs of man or machine. The trails were as perfect as they come. Great friend to ride with. No crowds. Awwwwwwwww
    (Didn't stop enough to take many pictures but here is a few;

    Name:  5818.jpg
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    Nice View
    Name:  5821.jpg
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    Name:  5824.jpg
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    My New 2 Smoker!
    Name:  5825.jpg
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    End of the ride back at the parking lot
    Name:  5826.jpg
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    Tibble Fork Res
    Name:  5827.jpg
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    I've only rode with him once I think out at Cherry Creek.
    Glad to see you rippin the Katoom. Can't wait to see it bro.

    I'll be up that way before to long I hope.

    Your attachments suck and are not working for me and I'm not sure I won't them to work
    See you soon Mr orange.
    If you want to ride let's ride and if you want an attitude well we just need to do some more ridding.
    Life is good and life is fare.

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    Awesome man. Sounds like it was well worth it and primo conditions. I am looking forward to riding there soon. I gotta get my thumb better quick!

    Yeah try editing your post and selecting the advanced option. Then use the little picture icon above (the text input box) to re-upload the pics. Once you get it, its a breeze. This video might help if you need it:

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