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Thread: Lone Peak via Jacobs Ladder

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    Lone Peak via Jacobs Ladder

    I decided Sunday night that I would attempt Lone Peak on Monday. Given the snow, my the recent surgery to my broken thumb and going by myself...well why not! I left the Jacobs Ladder/Ghost Falls trailhead at 6 AM. Then hiked the brutal climb to the cirque. When I got to the meadow before the cirque the snow drifts were starting to get really thick, which made it hard to choose a path and stay on the trail. I ended up way too far south and had to find my way back to where I could traverse the saddle then up the ridge. The snow was brutal! I was constantly digging myself out and swimming when I would sink up to my waist. It was exhausting.

    I finally made it right up to the peak that sits north of Lone Peak. There was a chute covered in snow corniced on the back little cottonwood side. Normally this section is exposed rocks like the rest of it. If I would have had crampons I would have crossed the chute and over to the other peak. It was probably 200 feet of snow and then another 100 to the peak. The drop and penalty for slipping there was death on both sides. I am not sure when you would actually stop falling! No thanks!

    I should have brought crampons for that section and gaiters to keep the snow out of my boots. Maybe snowshoes too as the snow was very soft in places. My boots ended up completely full of water and I was sloshing around for most of the hike. What a great hike though! I am exhausted today, but that is the sign of a great weekend.

    Climbing Jacobs Ladder

    Movie Rocks

    View of Utah Lake

    Getting closer and near the meadow

    The meadow

    Very close to the cirque

    The cirque

    Cairns buried in the snow!

    Headed up through the DEEP snow

    The scramble, which was not easy with one arm!

    The corniced section to the far peak..."Lone Peak"

    View from on top

    My bad hand and recently repaired thumb. Not good for scrambling!

    View of the Great Salt Lake

    Traverse Mtn/Draper

    Utah Lake/Utah Valley

    The peak and ridge that I climbed. On my way back...

    I slid down several sections

    Plenty of water and fresh snow runoff right now.

    Back down to the meadow

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    Here is the view on top

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    Note to SELF!!!!
    Accadacca's avitar is correct!!!!!

    Dang, on a good day I couldnt make it to the summit in August a few years ago!

    After almost making the summit, I have always wanted to go back with snow around as its soo danged georgous!!!!!! Be nice to just look around at!

    Thanks for the report.

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    How long did it take from the trailhead to the meadow before the cirque?

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    Quote Originally Posted by qedcook View Post
    How long did it take from the trailhead to the meadow before the cirque?
    About 2.5 hours along with picture taking.

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    Lone Peak is tremendous when it is snow covered. Glad you made it to the top. By comparison, here are my pics on Memorial Day 2010. Just a bit more snow than your trip.


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    Beautiful photos! Lone Peak was the first peak I ever climbed: Milt Hokanson, Frank Rippon and I were 14 in 1957, hiked up Bells Canyon. It was the start of a climbing career that has never ended...

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