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Thread: Ogden Overlook, Sardine, Icebox, Wheeler

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    Ogden Overlook, Sardine, Icebox, Wheeler

    Ogden Overlook and Sardine trails are in perfect condition right now. When you get down to Middle Fork area where it's usually rocky, you'll run into a bit of mud and hoof prints.

    Icebox Canyon is great as always with the river at full blast and gorgeous green.

    The flowers are out too, great time to get up to the Snowbasin area.

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    Trail was even better before all the jack asses rode too soon after the rain. I went yesterday and the puddles were still there with a ton of tire ruts.

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    We are going to ride this trail a ton this year, definitely a favorite. I'm just going to throw last nights photos of the same trail in this thread too.

    Six of us rode last night.

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