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Thread: Quartz mine

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niner View Post
    You think it's a good idea to knock around getting samples? Should we look for fault lines?

    Absolutely! Get some samples from around the outside, as well as from the caved material, and if you can safely knock a chunk or two from those areas of color in the walls, do it.

    See if you can get your hands on some detailed geologic maps of this area. Be sure they illustrate fault structures, and geologic contact lines.

    I think you're right about there being standing water behind that cave-in. Probably not too much or else that caved pile would be saturated, and might breach from the hydrostatic pressure. Man, I really wonder how far back that goes though.....
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    Another view of the entrance. You can see how it would hold water.
    Thanks for the insight, rockgremlin. I'll keep you posted.

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    Any way you could PM me a Google location of where this is? I'm dying to do a little research about this place.
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    Some remnants of the mining operation down at the year-round creek below the mine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niner View Post
    I didn't expect gas pockets, smartass, I didn't expect anything, I'm trying to be safe here in an unstable, unexplored mine. This is new to me, I'm a construction guy skilled in above ground work. The only underground stuff I've done was when I was roughnecking in the oilfields back in my younger days.

    A. From what I saw inside that mine with the cave-ins and blocked ore carts that place is unstable.
    B. We have stumbled across one helluva resource. Be it wine cellar or a springwater cistern or a bug out place.
    C. Mine that sumbitch
    A perfectly straight-up question get a "smartass" response? That's a bit harsh.

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    It was harsh, and I apologize, kiwi outdoors. I read it wrong. Way out of line on my part.

    Sorry, bud.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niner View Post
    Discovered a hard rock gold mine recently on some property we acquired. 40 acres on a semi-remote canyon that reeks of Gold Rush history. White quartz all around the mountain it's sunk it to. This mine has been undiscovered for probaly 100 years, the only reason we found it was spotting a hole in the mountainside as we cleared a road down to the year-round creek below.

    I've been reading this forum for a while, and see that there are experts at this sort of thing. We've gone about a hundred feet into the mine shaft with waders on (about 4 feet of crystal clear water, ice cold) and came upon a partial cave-in with an old rusty ore cart stuck behind it.

    I won't go further until I secure a personal gas/oxygen meter and better light.

    I'll post a few pics later so you can see what I'm looking at. Meanwhile, what else should I consider for safety's sake?
    Very cool! Have you taken any samples to an assayer?

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    I think It could even be covered by a couple inches of dirt and disguise it, so just watch your step buddy. but again, if it's all water not like you're going to fall into a pit or anything.

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