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Thread: Trip across the Mojave Desert Preserve

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    Trip across the Mojave Desert Preserve

    Every year we try to make a couple trips across the Mojave Preserve before it gets to hot or too cold. This time we staged out of Ivanpah and went south to Cima then across to Baker. We always try to find as many old mines, and settlements as possible. Some of the old mines you can spend hours at exploring. We saw a barn owl in a well, a tortoise in the road, and a ton of quail. It's so weird to be cruising along a timy sandy road in the middle of nowhere and then come across a little mini oasis. This time of year the flowers are blooming and the desert is quite green. It's obvious that the water table is quite a bit higher than you would think. On our way back I got a rear flat. We were only about 40 miles from the truck and we only had 2 air canisters so I was worried that if we tried to change it that we would'nt have enough air to seat the bead. So we put a little air in it and hauled ass. About 10 miles from the truck it got wobbly and I tried to just grit it along. But eventually the tube came shooting out and it wouldn't go no more! Now I see how nice a bead lock would be! But these dual sports don't come with them due to the balancing at freeway speeds. Anyways we had a blast.
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    For some reason I can't get the google earth bit to work and google earth won't bring it into google maps. Oh well.
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    Viewing on a mobile device? Click this link to open the map:,-111.547028&sspn=4.907901,10.821533&t=h&z=10

    Here you go. I copied the URL for your attached KML file, pasted it into the search box on Google Maps, then grabbed the link URL from there and pasted it back here between the SAVEDMAP tags.
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    Stud! That's showing the return route. Let me fiddle and see if i can get the going out route to show up.
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    Nice! My Dad would really enjoy that ride. He loves exploring old mines.

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    That does look like a good fooling around kind of ride.
    They are fun with a good lunch and time to take picts.
    If you want to ride let's ride and if you want an attitude well we just need to do some more ridding.
    Life is good and life is fare.

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