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Thread: Idaho Canyoneering

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    Idaho Canyoneering

    While it's true that we don't have what the Colorado Plateau has, we do have some amazing places that are 100% worthwhile to go check out. The canyons are posted in no particular order of favor.

    Black Magic Canyon
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    Name:  BlackMagicCanyon1.jpg
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    Name:  BlackMagicCanyon3.jpg
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    Name:  BlackMagicCanyon5.jpg
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    Name:  BlackMagicCanyon7.jpg
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    Browns Creek
    Name:  BrownsCreek.jpg
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    Hart Creek
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    Jump Creek
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    Name:  upperjump1.jpg
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    Poison Creek
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    Squaw Creek
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    Insanely awesome! Lil' different than the standard fare. GREAT photos!


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    Thanks for the pictures.

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    Those are sweet! That group photo is a good pic.

    Out of those canyons which one is your fav?
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    They all have their own qualities. I've done Jump Creek many, many times because of its proximity. It'd probably be a toss up between Jump Creek and Black Magic. They're both pretty amazing, but in totally different ways.

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    Looks great up there! Please post more Trip Reports in the future

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    Is this in the vicinity of Jarbidge River?
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    All of these canyons are within an hour of Boise with the exception of Black Magic. It's a little over 2hrs away, near Shoshone. There are some great canyons just over the Oregon border in the Owyhees too. Totally forgot to post pics from Sheepshead Canyon. I'll try to post those today sometime. There are far more out in the Owyhees that I've never been to, but are on my list.

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    - Gavin

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    Great photos. Thanks for posting!

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    Sweet! I wish I'd known about this when I was growing up in Idaho!

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    Great photos. I'll have to add Idaho to my list of places to visit.

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    Awesome! Definitely adding those to my bucket list.

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    Thanks for the pics! Are these near Marsing?
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    Jump Creek, Squaw Creek and Poison Creek are all very close to Marsing. Info about Jump and Squaw are in local hiking books for the Boise area and all over the web. As for Jump, there are multiple ways to do it. The route I would suggest is to go above the 60ft falls, hike all the way up canyon to just above the second falls (12ft) and then climb out of the canyon in a draw to your right. If you brought wetsuits, hike on up the old road that is near the rim of the canyon to an old fence with a side road coming in. Follow the side road back to the canyon and then follow down canyon. At the first sign of slotting, put on wetsuits unless it's June or after. There is a quicker way to that point but it would take too much description for it's value here. Follow down canyon to a point where the brush is absolutely crazy thick and you'll see a side draw to your left that will take you back to the dirt road. The reason I suggest (basically mandatory) exiting the canyon and then going back down from the top to see the rest is that there is an upper section of brush that is impossible to get through without a machete.

    Black Magic Canyon is very well described here - \
    Make sure to call ahead of time to make sure there isn't water in the canyon.

    Squaw Creek is worth doing from top to bottom, but I've only done the bottom half. The whole thing is on my list of to-do's. It supposedly requires two 25ft rappels.

    Browns and Hart Creek are near Oreana, which isn't terribly far from Marsing. Browns Creek wasn't really worth the effort in my opinion, but Hart was very cool for a short distance. If you're travelling to the area from out of state, I wouldn't place it really high on the list of to do's, but is worthy if you have some time to blow.

    Poison Creek has much less beta out there. It's very close to Jump Creek, being only about one mile north. Follow up Poison Creek Rd roughly a mile past the only house along the road after the intersection with Jump Creek Rd to a right turn in the road that has a four wheeler track at it. Park there and hike straight up the hill to the right of the four wheeler track. From the top, aim slight left to the canyon. Drop in and you'll eventually run into the 60ft waterfall rappel. Bring appropriate wetsuits for the water temps. Bare minimum of 4mm is what I'd suggest. When you below the falls and to a section where the canyon looks like it has four different draws coming in, take a left up the four wheeler track. That's the same track that will take you back to your vehicle.

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    Two years ago we went out to Poison Creek and parked above where you are suppose to hike. We hiked up the hill aways and found a dried creek that turned into a steep canyon with rappels that we couldn't tell how far they went down so we didn't attempt. I assume this is about 1/2-3/4 above where the poison creek trail comes in, any ideas on what that section looks like? Were gonna be going out there a handfull of times the next couple months to prep for Zion.

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    Wow, nice, I had no idea. Thanks!

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