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Thread: Camera Repair recommendations?

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    Camera Repair recommendations?

    Hello all,

    Well as luck would have it, I dropped a lens and as expected, it didn't land in the soft dirt but instead on the only rock for 15'.

    I researched the archives and found a camera repair thread for a point and shoot. The replies, didn't relate because must replies were to "replace with new and not repair". In my case it's a high end lens and the replacement cost is $1800.

    The lens is a Nikkor AF-S 24-70mm 1:2.8 G ED

    I'm in St George, so it would be great to find someone close, but I'm not optimistic about that. My guess is it will be someplace in SLC, Vegas or Provo, maybe further.

    So, to all your photogs out there, do you recommend anyone?


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    send it to Nikon, its too $$ for a local hack

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    interesting... I hadn't thought of that (I know a brain fade). I just assumed nikon would outsource the service work to "authorized" repair shops.

    I'll log onto Nik USA and see what they suggest.


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    Check out Midwest Camera Repair. They are an factory authorized warranty service center with on line estimates.

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    If you're local to SLC, Forsters camera is excellent.

    They are an authorized Nikon/Nikor repair location.

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    Thank you!

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