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Thread: Hottest Chick in Nascar?

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    Hottest Chick in Nascar?

    This chick just inked a deal to become part of the "over-the-wall" crew for a NASCAR team. She will be a tire changer.

    Name:  283adebc-f3d1-4ed2-b78b-fd8ec21e14e0_xmas-pose-use.jpg
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    Name:  Christmas%20Abbott%20-%20Inked-07-560x670.jpg
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    Name:  CHRISTMAS-ABBOTT-in-Inked-Magazine-November-2012-Issue-7.jpg
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    Name:  Christmas_Abbott_23.jpg
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    I wish her well...

    Full story here:

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    Uhh does she default win by being the only girl at NASCAR?

    Read the article though, that's really cool to see a strong women taking the lead in a traditional male role. I hope she does well and we see more women following their dreams. Err I mean I hope you guys see more of em cause I think NASCAR is boring as watching paint dry.

    Also I love tatted up ladies, very nice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Deathcricket View Post
    Uhh does she default win by being the only girl at NASCAR?
    There are a lot of women in NASCAR and some are very powerful.

    Right at the top of the chart is Lesa France Kennedy who owns half of NASCAR, the other half is owned by her brother Brian.

    Danica Patrick, Kelley Earnhardt, Alba Colon, Gillian Zucker, DeLana Harvick, Tressa Earnhardt are just a few of the other powerful women I can think of just off the top of my head.

    And there is plenty of eye candy... here are some of the current drivers in NASCAR top teir series.

    Amber & Angela Cope
    Name:  cope-twins.jpg
Views: 5705
Size:  100.4 KB

    Jennifer Jo Cobb
    Name:  jennifer-jo-cobb1.jpg
Views: 3622
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    Natalie Sather
    Name:  nsatherfront1.jpg
Views: 4151
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    Johanna long
    Name:  Johanna-Long-deflects-Danica-comparisons-HE1DTGE9-x-large.jpg
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    Chrissy Wallace
    Name:  nascar-trucks-auto-racin.jpg
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    Isabelle Tremblay
    Name:  TremblayApr2711.jpg
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    I expect to see Milka Duno soon as she is an Indy Car driver attempting to make the jump to NASCAR same as Danica did.
    Name:  milka-duno-2.jpg
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