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Thread: Parker Creek Part Deux

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    Parker Creek Part Deux

    It has been 3 weeks since the heavy rains saturated Arizona. Parker denied us last time, but with sunny skies we knew we would make that canyon our be-otch.

    First a few befor and after shots:

    Water flow at the old gauging station
    Name:  comp_1.jpg
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    Water flow where the canyon funnels into the first down climb/rapel (Kelli with 2 thumbs up standing in the chute. Notice you can barely see that rock in the first photo)
    Name:  comp_2.jpg
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    Last time water filled the gorge from wall to wall.
    Name:  comp_3.jpg
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    Kelli on rappel enjoying these conditions
    Name:  P1030549_360x480.jpg
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    Nice short beginner C class canyon
    Name:  P1030555_640x480.jpg
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    Looking down the second to last rap.
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    Someone slung a tree with a rap ring about 40ft back from this short drop. There was no way I was going to use that and risk getting my biner block stuck in a pinch point on the pull. So I removed it and slung the boulder 2 feet from the drop. There was even some old webbing there and was very solid.
    Name:  P1030564_360x480.jpg
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    All that was left was the short steep hike up the scree. Warning: keep your helmet on or don't follow below someone.
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    The Cadilac exit
    Name:  P1030570_360x480.jpg
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    Near the top looking back into the canyon
    Name:  P1030573_640x480.jpg
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    Great little canyon - glad we came back to accomplish this gem.

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    Awesome pics! Looks like you caught it with some good flow still.

    Next time you do Parker, continue on past the Cadillac exit mentioned in the book. There are 2 more awesome rappels, a 50' and 80'. At the bottom of the 80' hike up the drainage on canyon right back to the rim and then follow the road back to your vehicle. It adds quite a bit more fun and scenic beauty to the canyon!

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    Beautiful canyon and pictures! Thanks for the TR!
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    Looks fun! Thanks!
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