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Thread: Joint Effort 01/12/13

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    Joint Effort 01/12/13

    Nick, Eric, Mike & myself headed out today and ran Joint Effort. It is a fun trail above Sand Hollow. It's a pretty nasty trail. We broke 1 trailing arm that we had to weld back on by linking 3 batteries together and had 1 rollover right next to 25' cliff. It was a little chilly with the wind blowing off the lake, but we all had a great time. It's a 9 rated trail. Requires minimum 37" tires, 2 lockers, and no regard for body damage. There are a lot of off camber sections along ledges that are pretty spooky. I didn't take very many pics though today.

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    Nice pics and I thought that this type of activity only occured in the Moab area of Utah.

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    Quote Originally Posted by REDFOX View Post
    Nice pics and I thought that this type of activity only occured in the Moab area of Utah.
    My buggy will never make a trip back to Moab. The trails we have here put Moab to shame. Not that they are cool or anything, but in Moab you have such a distance between obstacles and it beats you to death. Go run the 'Nasty Half' here. It is a half mile trail and it takes 6 hours to do it. This area is kind of the hidden gem of 'Rock Crawling'. At the event in 2 weeks we will have people traveling as far as Wisconsin to be here. You can't beat Moab for the views, scenery and social aspect, but for simple-hardcore trails this is 'Zion' of "Jeeping".

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    Nice trail fix!

    Loved the pics too, keep em coming.

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    Eric is playing around with some photo enhancements

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