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Thread: A week in Paradise

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iceaxe View Post
    Is this timeshare crap typical or something RG managed to find?

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    I have not had a big issue with them, but almost all the places(in Mexico)will try to sell you. I have said no, not even a chat, and have been left alone.... Often they try to say it is to show you what the resort offers,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iceaxe View Post
    Is this timeshare crap typical or something RG managed to find?

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    It's quite common. Many of the oceanside resorts are timeshares. They're everywhere. You still get an amazing trip, but the sales pitch is a little annoying.
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    The timeshare bullshit is everywhere, even when you're coming out of the Cancun airport. It's easy, just say no! It's probably why wife and I go to really out of the way places, like Isla Holbox and Xcalak. Local people in these towns are genuinely nice folk. No beach hawkers. Night life is vey limited in these places. We make our own fun!
    So.... Cancun or Playa? You may want to make sure you choose an adult all inclusive, Especially if you don't want families and kids running all around you. They should offer wave runners and all the beach toys. Most of these places can set you up for fishing trips, Mayan ruins, day trip to Cozumel reef snorkeling etc... Eye candy on many of these beaches is world class.
    I like the forum on Loco Gringo and Trip Advisor for best advice. A little bit of effort on these 2 sites, will help reassure that you made the right choice.

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    I would second the Rui resort in Cancun. We went there with some friends who occasional slum it at the 4 seasons, and they enjoyed the Rui enough to not even complain about it. But it was a huge sacrifice for them to stay at such a pedestrian place.
    Also, we had 10 days there so we planned on getting off plane, get shuttle to Rui, all the while shopping for best time share crap and then did a time share trip to Tulume the 1st morning there. After 3 hours of saying no, we walked out with all expense paid trip to Chitzinitza, Tulum snorkeling, Cancun jetski trip, and an isla majares trip. Well worth wasting the 1st morning there. But I am cheap and if you want a week in paradise and can afford to pay for it dont bother.

    You probably already know about these if you are headed to Cancun, but if not, add it to the list.

    Also, Isla mujares or whatever it was called, was the only letdown of the trip. We had a riot here. Just dont get hurt cliff jumping here unless you want world class medical attention in a hut. This was were I learned that stingrays can assist you in ruining a perfectly good pair of swim trunks and possibly get you in trouble with the authorities for unauthorized dumping in protected waters.

    Also, make sure you go to one of the Cenotes as they are awesome.

    We had a blast at the beach in Tulum just because we darn near had the coastline to ourselves. But the beach at the Rui was manicured to perfection before we got up everyday, so no complaints there either.

    PS, do you speak Spanish? It helps to be able to talk to everyone in english and then if they need to "Consult with an associate" you can listen in on the deal and use what you just heard to your advantage....

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    Just as a note, all of the RIU resorts in the hotel zone of Cancun are family friendly. We'd be the family of 4, kids 8-16, that would be ruining your trip....

    Again, if you want adult only, personally....I'd start with Le Blanc. There are some other higher end adult resorts, none of their names come to mind right now...should be easy enough to search out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JONBOYLEMON View Post
    Also, make sure you go to one of the Cenotes as they are awesome.

    ^^^YES!!!^^^ There is a really cool Cenote on the way to Chichen Itza that our tour bus stopped at. Red Bull did a diving event there a few years ago that was used in one of their advertisements. Check it out:

    It's a must see. There's a staircase that goes all the way down to the water, and they let you go down and dive/swim around in it. Lot's of eye candy there as well. Gringos in G-strings all over the place.
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    A week in Paradise

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    Vacationed a half dozen times at Capitan Lafitte's on Punta Bete (a few miles north of Playa Carmen) in the 1980s-90s. Now known as Petite Lafitte's. Right on the beach and you can easily stroll the 4 or 5 miles along the water's edge to get to Playa. Or take a taxi.

    Turquoise Reef Resorts manages that resort and many others in the area including Mahekal Beach Resort formerly Shangri La located on the northern edge of Playa. Turquoise Reef Resorts is based in Boulder, Colorado. Unfortunately, quite a few years have gone by since our last visit. Hurricane damage and increasingly difficult air connections being the main culprits. But when we go back we'd book thru Turquoise.

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    If I could go anywhere it would be the maldives or birtish Indian ocean territory. Then maybe the secheles.

    I really liked traveling french polynesia islands of: tahiti, moorea, huahine, bora-bora, raiatea, and a couple others. All were good and had nice things about them, If I went again i would probably skip tahiti or explore the island away from the population. I'd stay to some of the smaller islands, but not too small because tourist service comfort drops off.

    I enjoyed cancun and probably would go back again in the future for all the reasons mentioned by others. since you mentioned you and your wife like to party hard, I'd recommend a resort with a great on site club. do excursions you like during the day, party at the club at night, next day is a rest beach day, and repeat. I was not a fan of the town of cancun. seamed a little slow. not what i expected for a tourist town, but i went right after a major hurricane that was a direct hit on the city.

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