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Thread: Cascade Cave

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    Cascade Cave

    Really interesting cave. But ran into some bad air or something. I need to come back with o2. Also hit Bowers & Mammoth real quick before heading home.

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    Neat! That hike to the cascade falls is awesome as well. Haven't been in that cave, had no idea it was even that big. Great TR man.
    Your safety is not my responsibility.

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    Re: Cascade Cave

    Thanks for sharing, need to finally check it out since its in my backyard.

    Spent 3 seasons cross country skiing into Mammoth alone to conduct bat research for SUU. Was a great experience and miss having the place to myself.


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    Re: Cascade Cave

    Watch the CO2 in there. I'm going to take oxygen in next time, and something to sense the CO2 levels.

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    This cave looks pretty interesting, Have you been able to make back to this cave?

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