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Thread: West Ridge of Mt. Thompson

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    West Ridge of Mt. Thompson

    After the long day on Mt. Daniel, we erred by driving down the hill too far and
    had a hot, sweaty and largely sleepless night in the heat and humidity. We
    resolved to sleep higher in coming nights. We visited the start of South Fork
    Snoqualame Canyon, There was still too much water in there for my tastes and skills. probably just
    right, right now.

    The next day we played golf, to rest up. I now joke often of taking up golf
    more, as a substitute instead of physically exhausting and dangerous
    canyoneering and mountaineering. I had to take painkillers to allow my back to
    endure the twisting swings. I still would have loved to take down Ransom who has
    talked smack about my game in the past! He was a no show! ;-)

    The next morning, we were at it early. This was a long approach, to a new place
    on the planet for me. The day would be about 17 miles and take 13.5 hours. Lots
    of snow on the route, making route finding harder. The climb itself was better
    than expected. Six pitches of delightful rock. The views were excellent. but the
    descent was on ball bearings, with exposure. A place only real dirt bags could
    love. We did love it.. The next day was the flight home.

    We talked often about our past climbs and both agreed that 4 years ago on
    Triumph, we were perfectly matched at each others level. That was a 21 hour day
    that still resonates.
    Alas those days are far in the distance. I wish to thank Aaron for dragging me
    about to these great places as the clock ticks down for me. I think I might be
    done with the North Cascade's. Seventeen out of twenty July's is a great run.
    The place of honor for a book in our house is the bathroom. The bathroom book
    now is a guide to British Columbia and Alberta technical mountains. A new set of
    places to go? I think I might be able to come up with a list of climbs that
    intrigue him and that I might still be able to be dragged up. No surrender!

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