hy did I want to do Mt. Daniel next? Four reasons...It stared us in the face
during our long bivy on Stuart and looked wonderful.......I had tried it 17
years earlier and got skunked by a storm......it was easy and after a few days
in the "No mistake zone" on Stuart, something a bit less intense
appealed.......it was a full day of exercise.

After a rest day, we decided to do the peak as a day trip, starting 5 AM.
Beautiful forest gave way to lakes and meadows that were covered in snow. This
make route finding tricky. We landed in a wonderful snow basin, with the
glacier's crevasses still not opened up. The snow got to a comfortable 35
degrees slope. Here, we topped a pass and the route got serious for a short
spell. We traversed steep, now above some gaping and overhanging holes.
Crevasses are NOT human friendly country. Beyond, we hit snow firn and low angle
talus, up to a lovely summit. We had the whole mountain to ourselves, the whole
day and the views of the nearby mountains were great.

Going down moderate snow slopes was quick, easy and fun. The ascent was in the
4,500 foot range and the day took 11 fun filled hours. Just a lovely day!