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Thread: Lone Peak - H2O Conditions

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    Lone Peak - H2O Conditions

    I'm getting the itch to climb Lone Peak. However might think twice if the streams are all dried up. Is there any reliable source for pumping water? Looking to go up Jacobs Ladder. Anyone been up recently (last couple of days)? Thanks for the input.

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    Using Jacob's Ladder there will be no reliable water source this time of year. The only reliable water this time of year is the spring in Bear Canyon or to climb it from Bell Canyon.

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    Bear Canyon, eh? I did that once. No fond memories of that hike. Of course I made the mistake of going one mid-August afternoon tyring to backpack up to the cabin. The heat nearly killed my brother and I. I would assume that is a much better hike as an early morning day hike.

    I was hoping that there were still some springs at the first camp site above Jacobs Ladder or on the approach to the cirque. Anyone else have any recon reports?

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    Heck yeah, very helpful. I'm headed out at 5am in the morning. Will post trip results soon.

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    I hit Lone Peak yesterday morning. There is water still up there although it's quickly drying up. The first camping area off the Jacob's Ladder trail at around 9,000' has one small pool just off the trail as you head NE of camp.

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    As you head up the gully that points you towards the cirque, there is still a number of small pools that are reliable for filtering. We found this one that had a little flow into it.

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    The wild flowers up top are looking great!!

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    Great weather up there yesterday. Go get it!

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    Do you think there will be any water up there by next weekend?

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    There should be water, I can't see it being gone by this Saturday.

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