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Thread: Rafting the Snake River and Other Shenanigans - July 2012

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    Rafting the Snake River and Other Shenanigans - July 2012

    Hey all,

    We had a great two day raft (same stretch, different lengths) on the Snake a few weeks ago. The first day we went high and floated for about 7 hours total with plenty of time to chill out on the shore. The second day we put in just above all the guided tours and hit the main drag again. We took out at Sheep Gulch both days.

    Standing and then swimming Lunch Counter was a highlight. Three bad rope throws (3 different boats) after my cliff dive was the sketchiest part. After the cliff jump, there is a pretty wild eddy that you can't swim through. If you miss the rope toss, you go pretty far down the river and through some rapids before anyone could catch up with you. I was able to swim to one last rock outcrop a ways downstream before taking the long swim!

    Wildflowers at camp:
    Name:  06302012_JacksonHoleRaftingFlowers.jpg
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    Name:  06302012_RaftingJacksonSnakeRiver.jpg
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Size:  77.8 KBName:  06302012_RaftingJacksonSnakeRiver2.jpg
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    Tree Rodeo:
    Name:  06302012_RaftingJacksonTreeRodeoRowe.jpg
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    Name:  07012012_RaftingJacksonSnakeRiver.jpg
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Size:  49.7 KBName:  07012012_RaftingJacksonSnakeRiver2.jpg
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    The Snake River:
    Name:  06302012_RaftingJacksonSnakeRiver-2.jpg
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Size:  81.4 KBName:  06302012_RaftingJackson-2.jpg
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Size:  98.9 KBName:  06302012_RaftingJackson-3.jpg
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    Name:  06302012_RaftingJacksonSnakeRiver-4.jpg
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    Nice TR and video! Loved the ember tossing action. you guys know how to party.
    Your safety is not my responsibility.

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    Love the Fat Tire and Beam picture.
    My first boat was named on an early morning trip down the Snake when I stopped on some rocks just down stream from the launch to adjust something and a passenger offered a little early morning pick me up from then on it was named On The Rocks and had a picture of a Jim Beam bottle painted on the nose. ? Fun times!

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    Wow...... These are really nice pictures and looking a wonderful trip by all of you. I am also making plans for such an exciting trip as soon as possible.

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