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Thread: $6 Dry Bags

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    $6 Dry Bags

    I was in Wal-Mart the other day and found Dry Bags for $6 near the camping gear and backpacks.

    Outdoor Products Valuables Dry Bag, 20L

    I've been using these 20 liter dry bags for the past couple of month's and I'm really impressed with the quality. I've paid 5 times more for dry bags that worked half as well as these before.

    The dry bags are about the perfect size for canyoneering. Just be careful if you send your non-canyoneering friend or spouse down to pick one up for you. Because they also had a package of three stuff-sacks, labeled as dry bags, for the same price on the same rack.

    I found mine in the AF Wal-Mart and they had several in stock last time I was in. Or you can order on-line.

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    The very thing I was looking for, thanks for the tip.

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    i've used these on the last couple of grand canyon trips, and they are a bargain for sure. however, i think the quality control is a bit suspect (go figure, it's walmart!)

    i've had one that split a seam. and i've also noticed you have to be very careful in rolling them properly, because they don't seal on the roll top quite as well as other bags, like the nrs bill's bags or the POE drybags for example.

    but yeah, for the price, they are exceptional. i have a feeling salt lake city walmarts are going to be sold out of dry bags now...

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    No kidding, I just ordered one on ebay for $13 on the same day you posted this. I need to follow more closely. Thanks for posting though; maybe I'll get another. I would never have guessed the Mart to have these.

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    I use these for canyoneering and canoeing. They're great.

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