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Thread: Question: Colorado River from Dam to Lee's Ferry

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    Question: Colorado River from Dam to Lee's Ferry

    Anybody run this stretch of flat water?

    We are heading out with a family in August and wondering about the best camps/options. Are there any hikes (doubtful from topography)? Rock art? Other points of interest.

    At the moment we will be getting a back-haul tow from Lee's Ferry up as far as they will take us. That will likely remain the case as I am not likely to buy a strong enough outboard within that short timeframe. We will be hauled up Saturday morning and exit sometime late Sunday. Definitely know to bring a good shade tarp and lots of ice. Will also plan on catching some brought while we are in there. Any other thoughts?


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    Phillip, no clue, but if you go and find out. Add that section to my buddy's website:

    Since Eddyflower took a dump, my buddy started this site to help river rats track the info and the flows. And do a TR on it as well ;)


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    I am not sure about the points of interest up the canyon. There are some hikes right at the lees ferry launch area. I know that there are several points of interest and hikes from Lees ferry down river to Lake mead. I believe that a 25 hp motor is the minimum recommend for up river travel. My only purpose for going up river was to flyfish for bigger rainbows. If you do take your own motor use extreme caution as there are several shallow gravel bars. I destroyed a mercury 125 hp motor my first trip up river. If you cannot physically pick up your boat , you will have to do some creative anchoring techniques as the river fluctuates considerably at night. I have seen several boats beached up in the air the next morning from the river level dropping during the night. You will not be disappointed in the views of the canyon up river. I have seen wild sheep several times on the left side of the river as you motor up river near the beginning. I have only camped twice up there and I don't recall any designated spots specifically. I campped approximately 8 miles up on the left side both times.

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    Thanks. There are 6 designated campsites now which all have pit toilets and fire rings. Camping is no longer allowed outside such areas.

    The tides are crazy along the Colorado through the Grand Canyon. I had my boat stranded twice (only for a couple hours) during my 30 day trip a few years back. Its all about waking up often and letting the line out. That or getting creative with ferry angles and multiple shore lines.

    We ended up reserving a haul back with Marble Canyon outfitters. Won't be getting a motor anytime soon but I am curious for the future. Not likely ever gonna be able to justify a 25 hp motor for our raft though ;^(

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