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Thread: Snowbasin - Sardine - Icebox - Wheeler May 2012

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    Snowbasin - Sardine - Icebox - Wheeler May 2012

    Viewing on a mobile device? Click this link to open the map:,-111.851034&spn=0.053767,0.111494

    Thanks @live2ride for the conditions report. Everything is bone dry on the whole route shown above except for a handful of semi dry (avoidable) mud spots down on the lower section above Icebox / Art Nord area. It was even getting a little dusty.

    So we started at the lower Snowbasin parking lot, rode up what we call Coldwater Canyon trail / Ogden Overlook, then came back to the saddle and went up Sardine, then down all the way through Icebox and Wheeler where we met up with the shuttle car just as it was getting dark, for a little over 12 miles of riding.

    Just past the old Maples Campground when you begin your ascent to Ogden Overlook or Coldwater Canyon, whatever you call it, where the established trail goes around that gate, it's got boards across the trail, but there's a well worn trail riding around the boards. So either the boards have been forgotten about, or somebody thought it was a good idea to close the trail Zero evidence as to why it would be closed still though, as our group of 6 was a mere minority on the trail last night, it had a good crowd on it which was surprising.

    I would have taken a picture of the boards but I was already behind the group

    Sardine was also in great condition, the trail is getting well packed and the wide tracks are starting to fill in with vegetation on the sides.

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    Damn the clipless

    The gang. And yes, the Klein came out of the garage for this ride, my brother rode it.

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    Yeah there's still a few of those trailheads blocked by 2x4's. I'm not sure why. All the trails are dry. Sombeech, was that Monday or Tuesday you guys rode? If it was Tuesday i probably just missed seeing you guys by a few minutes. I rode east fork, green pond, needles, maples, ice box and wheeler. One big loop. I can also confirm that all the trails are in great shape! It's getting so pretty up there too! Anyone interested in a group ride Thursday or Friday up there?

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    We rode monday.

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    Beech. What day(s) are you doing the weekly rides this year. I don't have a cell so, I can't receive texts. Let me know. I would love to ride with the group.

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    There's talk about riding this next Tuesday at around 5:00. Not sure where...

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    Nice video, both times that I have ridden this trail with Bogley, we have ran out of daylight before reaching the pavement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sombeech View Post
    There's talk about riding this next Tuesday at around 5:00. Not sure where...
    I'd most likely be able to go Tuesday. Send me text if it happens.

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    I'm game for a tues ride

    Two wheels are better than four, keep the rubber side down.

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