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Thread: Happy Birthday OwenM

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    Happy Birthday OwenM

    1 member is celebrating their birthday on 05-04-2012:

    -OwenM (born in 1971, Age: 41)

    Happy Birthday!

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    HBD Owen. Sad to say I remember 1971 quite well. That's the year my mom wouldn't let my sister go roaming the countryside with me because she said "The drug crazed hippies will get your chaka lacka... please don't ask. A Hersey bar cost a dime. An empty bottle was worth a dime too, coincidentally. My uncle came back from Vietnam, addicted to heroin and living in our linen closet with black lights and velvet posters. The Volkswagen Beetle was the car that everyone was in love with. There was a famous commercial with an India chief standing on the side of the road as some thoughtless people drove by throwing trash out the window. A tear came from his eye.

    Anyway, 1971 as I remember some of it. Gee, I hope your still around to read this?

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