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Thread: Spry and behunin

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    Spry and behunin

    Did spry on the 2nd and it can easily be done only getting wet to the knees. You can get wetter if you want but avoiding the water can be done WITHOUT using social trails in the dirt.

    We also did behunin on Thursday the 3rd. This can also be done now only getting wet to the knees without using the bypass trails, if you get creative. We opted for the direct rap on #6 and enjoyed a short swim. Tie off to the live tree at the bottom and zipline the packs. The water was cold but the canyon was in the sun and we warmed up quickly. No wetsuit needed. The toughest part was the hole at the bottom of rap 7. The water is at an awkward level for getting out of the pool. We were able to spider man the exit on rappeller's left with a big slimy gecko stem move. If you're ok with swimming it, be sure to rig the rope only to water level so you can turn around in the alcove. Zip lining packs makes this much easier. Many of the raps had only rings and no quick links, I replaced a few rings with quick links but a few more need links. I also replaced some webbing, what was there was usable but not ideal. Some stations could still use a little love. Pics to follow.


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    I'm about to post there. I just signed up. Thanks for directing others who may inquire in this thread.

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