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Thread: Best canyons accessible to 2WD vehicles

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    Best canyons accessible to 2WD vehicles

    For all those good folks out there with those "oh-so-gas-efficient" cars. What are some canyons (preferably in the Lake Powell/North Wash area, but other areas are good too) that you can get to the trail-head easily? I'm planning on running through the Maidenwater set, so you can cross that off, and also, Leprecaun/Blarney etc. are a given. Good graded dirt roads are ok, but they change a lot...recent info would help. What have been your favorites in this category?

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    The list of canyons is huge. Fyi my beta lists vehicle requirements.

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    All canyons are accessible for 2WD vehicles. The real question is the length of the approach.
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    Ram used to do Cheesebox from the highway.

    Lots in Zion accessible that way.

    It's kind of a crazy question. My 2WD station wagon can go many places - Hogs (not now), Hidden Splendor, Roost. Generally not a problem. I would say there are very few places that require actual 4WD. Clearance is usually more of an issue.

    The roads also vary across time in how they are. Hogs is currently messed up - maybe they will fix it. Hole in the Rock Road is usually not too hot past Egypt. Heck, getting to Egypt has a bad hill to get up, but you see Civics out there all the time...


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    I can get a rental car places that Jeeps fear to tread.

    They don't call them rent-a-racers for nothing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iceaxe View Post
    I can get a rental car places that Jeeps fear to tread.

    They don't call them rent-a-racers for nothing.
    Yeah, just sign up for all the extra insurance.


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    I mostly meant 'high clearance' not 2WD. I guess worded that wrong. I'm just looking for examples of places, you have been and canyons that you have all done. Both for practicality in my situation, and for my own entertainment.

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    Good point Scott Card. The Hogs approach was a lot longer for us a couple months ago due to the Honda Civic!

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    Depends more on how you drive than what you drive....Name:  246867_101502016287&.jpg
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    When I made my passenger get out to go take the picture, water came in. Epic.

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