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Thread: Subway Left Fork in May

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    Subway Left Fork in May

    Hi Everyone,
    New to the forum but I've been reading posts over the last 2 years or so. Heading to Zion in mid May (have permit) to go up the Left Fork and do some photography. 3rd time lucky - Couldn't get up there last year as the water level was too high. The time before that I came down with flu....

    Has anyone got any experience of mid May water conditions in the Subway? From watching the USGS water data for the North Fork it looks like a low water year (similar to 2007). I understand that the drainage systems are totally different so North fork levels are not reflective of the actual in the Left Fork.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated - I'm coming from Ireland so will need to have a plan B in case of problems.....(didn't bag a permit for the Wave, got lucky last year )

    Thanks in advance!

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    I think the Subway has already melted out, and is in close to summer levels. There is not much snow in the feeder elevations at this time. Therefore in May, you will be good to go.

    Heading to the Subway tomorrow - will let you know manana if my opinion changes.


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    I went down the subway last Thursday. It was flowing pretty good but there wasn't much left to melt up there so it should calm down soon. Are you going from the bottom up or the top down? There were already a bunch of photographers there shooting when we came through.

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    Smashing! Very much appreciate the information! Will wait it out but fingers crossed its looking good!

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    Forgot to add that I will be coming in from the bottom up! May 16th is Z-Day!

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    This is the bottom section as of last thursday.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Richmurphy View Post
    Forgot to add that I will be coming in from the bottom up! May 16th is Z-Day!
    How long is your holiday over here for?
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    A mad dash! Flying to Salt lake on the 10th - drive to Provo that night (arrive late). Head to Moab on the 11th. Spend Friday pm, all day Sat 12th and Sunday 13th am in Arches (sunrise and sunet at Arches, some other hikes planned in between). Canyonlands on Sunday am and Monday 14th (mesa arch, dead horse point, false Kiva). Drive to Springdale on Tuesday 15th (via Kolob - catch sunset there). Hike to Subway on 16th (allowing a full day, though hope to get sunset that evening back at the Gates of Zion). Drive back to Salt Lake on Thursday 17th (maybe try hilke into Kanarra falls? en route) and then head home early in Friday 18th. Trying to pack as much in as I can! maybe too much!

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