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Thread: Running watch or ???

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    Running watch or ???

    OK, my wife has taken up running and wants a method of knowing how far she has run. What is the best method?

    Is there a good watch that can track this? Maybe with GPS? thoughts?

    A little help in pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated.

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    garmin makes a couple gps running watches. a little bit bulkier than a normal running watches. nike at one time had a gps pod that fit on a running shoe & a companion watch that would read the data from that.

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    My wife used the Nike+ thing for a short time and hated it, had a Garmin watch and it was more of a pain than anything else.. she has since just used her smartphone to track her runs. if she has an Android Phone "My Tracks" is a great free app. On Windows or Iphone I don't know but there are apps available. I also use my phone to track my bike rides as well as hikes and it works well.
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    Does she carry her smart phone with her? If so, use My Tracks app from Google. It's free and there will be no more hardware to wear or buy. I use it to track all of my rides.

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    I love my Garmin Forerunner 405, other than the battery dies after about 6 hours. Great for 50k or less though. Garmin also has a couple of simpler (cheaper) options.

  8. #6 has been running deals on the Timex Ironman GPS quite a bit lately (about $140 if I remember right). My friend likes his.

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    This ended up being a lot more expensive then I thought... I ended up buying here her a smartphone.... that's like $50 a month for the rest of my life.

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    Don't know how MyTracks works...Try CardioTrainer if you want an alternative. Works great for me.
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    I have a Garmin 405 and its great, I had the bigger orange model (305?) before and it was horrible. They really improved it with the 405. I also use cardio trainer on my phone occasionally, and have found that while its pretty close, its never exactly the same and often time loses satelite connection, probably because I keep my phone in my pocket. It also drains my batter on the phone. I prefer the Garmin over using an app on the phone, plus it does the heart rate, and Garmin Connect on the computer is fun for revierwing your tracks.

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    I use MyTracks on the smartphone to keep track of distance but if I forget the phone, is a good post run tool to figure it out.

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    I run with my Android phone using the Runtastic app for distance and speed tracking. Nice features in this app and having the phone along doubles as a podcast/music device and triples as a safety feature if I end up broken somewhere miles from home.

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    I have used nike+, mapmyrun, and now Strava. I just signed up to it a couple days ago; using Strava Cycling and Strava Run on the iPhone 4.

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    Hmm if she has an Android operating system Cellphone "My Tracks" is a fantastic no cost app. On Windows or Iphone I don't know but there are applications available. I also use my phone to monitor my bicycle trips as well as increases and it performs well.
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    Running watch or ???

    Since this is resurrected - Shane you are probably not interested anymore...but if you are the Nike TomTom watch is actually pretty cool and is watch sized and gives you real-time stats. She would probably actually like that one. But it costs about $160
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    Re: Running watch or ???

    My tracks and her smart phone are working great for her.

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    map my run is a good app that works well anywhere you have cell service. I have the nike gps watch, it sucks balls. Don't waste your money on it

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    What is the best running watch? There are so many brands available and it's really difficult to choose one. Want your suggestions.

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    Does she have any experience? Or newbie?

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