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Thread: Anyone know anything about Kentucky?

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    Anyone know anything about Kentucky?

    My days of living around the best canyons in the world are now numbered. I will be graduating and getting a job in Louisville Kentucky this summer. From what I have researched, it seems like it could be worse as far as outdoors stuff to do.

    I have also read that there are tons of caves in Kentucky, which is why I am posting in the caving forum, but anyone who knows anything about stuff to do in Kentucky, even stuff that isnt necessarily outdoors, I would love to hear your opinions.

    So, specifically, all the info I have found about caves out there, it is all tour guided, hand held type stuff. We havent done any technical caving, but, without canyoneering near by, we would definitely get in to caving. I know all beta that has anything to do with caves is kept under lock and key, but if anyone has any info, or can at least point me in the right direction (again, for caving or otherwise), that would be fantastic!

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    Try Greater Cincinnati Grotto on Facebook.

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    Been to the Mammouth Caves in Kentucky. They are guided but well worth checking out. Crazy ass crickets the size of a house (swear to gawd!!) live in there except they look like spiders to me. Not good to put me in a closed environment with spider like house sized creatures even if they are crickets. It has been 12 years since I was there but at the time there were a couple tours you could do but had to be really skinny. Not sure they still offer those but our intention at the time was to go back when we didn't have the kids.

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    Go to and look for a local caving club. There are many in that area. You will be in striking distance of some of the greatest caves in the USA. The caving is great from Bloomington Indiana all the way down to Chattanooga, TN. You could cave your entire life in the Mammoth Cave area and never run out of stuff to do. Enjoy!

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