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Thread: Ice Cream Parlor--Moab--Spring Break 2012

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    Ice Cream Parlor--Moab--Spring Break 2012

    Spring Break was upon us and time for our annual trip to Moab. The weather report looked unbelievably nice and we were ready to participate is some of our favorite activities.

    My Brother-in-Law Doug met up with us on Tuesday morning April 10th for some climbing at the Ice Cream Parlor. My family are noobs to sport climbing with only 1 climb in Rock Canyon and 2 trips to the climbing gym so we were looking for something easier.

    You'll have to excuse me for the lack of tech terms, I'm still trying to get them all straight. I'm always open to constructive criticism so if you would like to help me out, please do. Also, I fully realize Doug is not wearing a helmet--and although I don't agree, that is his own decision and not mine. He is considering buying and using one in the future and I fully support that.

    Doug climbing up first. I'm on belay.

    Working his way up the pitch.

    This is Doug's first time climbing on Sandstone.

    Attaching the rope to the anchor.

    My son Justin (11) trying it out.

    My son Brandon (almost 9) taking a turn.

    He's tried to find another hand/foot hold, but they are all too far away for his short reach.

    My youngest son Trevor (just turned 5) wasn't in the mood to climb for some reason...

    My wife Nancy's turn to give it a shot.

    Handholds are running out on the varnished sandstone.

    Doug ascending to clean the rappel.

    Justin enjoying a break before we pack it up.

    Hiking down the approach.

    Doug packing the rope and gear out.

    Time to saddle up and ride out.

    View of the climbing area from the road.

    Fun time doing something we have never done in Moab.

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