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Thread: Duck Dynasty, anybody watched this?

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    Duck Dynasty, anybody watched this?

    So I have a new favorite tv show. Duck Dynasty is a new reality show that cronicles the life of the Robertson family, a family that is a rags to riches story. Phil Robertson aka. The Original "Duck Comander" known for being the Michael Jordan of Duck Hunting is the family's patriarch father and grandfather. They made a redneck multi million dollar empire out of making duck calls. The men of the show are mostly all recognised for their ZZ Top style long bushy beards. At first glance the family could easily be stereotyped as a bunch of uneducated rednecks. But, as I researched them I was amazed to find Phil was a first string college quaterback ahead of Terry Bradshaw drafted in the NFL only to turn it down because it conflicted so badly with duck hunting. Phil also has a masters degree in education, and all but one of his seven children are college graduates. The show is very entertaining and I encourage you to watch it on A&E on Wednesday nights. I'm happily amazed to see tv shows like this, Sons of Guns, and Swamp People etc... on main cable networks that chronicle the life and recreation people who in the past have been demonised by the mainstream media.

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    Haha, I love this show. It seems quite contrived to he, but it is funny enough that it doesnt bother me in the least. Great show.
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    Has anybody else got into this show? I've been watching it for a while now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by accadacca View Post
    Has anybody else got into this show? I've been watching it for a while now.
    My favorite "local" show is Cajun Justice on A&E. A show about the Terrebonne parish sheriff and his officers. The people are truly the real deal - warts and all. I love how they show the people and instead of a full name at the bottom of the screen, their names appear as Miss "whatever" and Mr. "whatever". It's a way that adults are addressed down here.
    To this day, I still address my friend's parents by their first name preceeded by Miss or Mr.

    fwiw - most Louisiana women don't care much for those beards! But those guys are smart. Building a multi-million dollar business out of duck calls??!!
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    Duck Dynasty, anybody watched this?

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    Duck Dynasty, anybody watched this?

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    I was curious if anyone else had posted something about this show. A quick search yielded the thread I was looking for.

    A buddy of mine turned me on to this show. My wife thinks this show is stupid, which in turn makes me think its even funnier .

    I think right now (I've only seen about 10 episodes) my favorite is the one where they go into the school on career day.

    Anyone else have some favorites episodes? I'm watching the redneck waterpark one right now

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    Christmas episode with Si as the elf. Si winning the camper after winning the fresh doughnut bet

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    My favorite episode was when Willie (tried) to strike the fear of God into his daughters new boyfriend. That episode had me laughing my ass off...a classic!
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    My new favorite episode---Frog in One

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    HA! I watched like 7 episodes last night. Was just going to watch one and see what all the fuss was about. But my wife and i could not stop laughing. Thanks for the recommend
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    Feb 29th 8 pm counting the minutes.

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    Uncle Si is a super hero, Jack! Yep, my kids are counting down the days this show starts up again. I think we have all of the past episodes DVR'd.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sombeech View Post

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