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Thread: Hole in the rock easy side

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    Hole in the rock easy side

    I have always wanted to go to the end of the hole in the rock road. I have boated many times to the bottom, it’s just too easy to drive by and just take a look. So my step son and I took a trip. My wife’s family is Decker’s and they are some of the hole in the rock people. Good to go see the country they traveled on so long ago. This trip was going to be a multipurpose type of a thing. As you can see from the photo I have loaded 2 snowmobiles and 2 4 wheelers. I am looking forward to finishing my old Chev flat bed then I won't look so funny going down the road. ( see old chevy rebuild in the offroad 4x4 forum right here on Bogley ) The plan is to go to Ephraim Utah and see family leave the snowmobiles go to the hole in the rock. Come back to Ephraim go snowmobiling then home. That is just about how it all happened.
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    Loaded up and ready to go it was quite a load going down the road.
    Name:  2012-04-05_08-43-02&.jpg
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    At the junction of hole in the rock and 50 mile bench
    Name:  2012-04-04_19-11-08&.jpg
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    Up on 50 mile bench looking west
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    Dance Hall rock in the distance
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    A watering hole on top 50 mile bench.
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    The old trail is still there in places
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    Looking back up on 50 mile bench. On top of this ridge is where the watering hole was
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    The hole in the rock road and 50 mile bench road junction.
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    Dance hall Rock. We unloaded the 4 wheelers about a mile past here and rode the rest of the way. I would do that again the road was washboardy and the wheelers could go quite fast and the wheather was great to be out and I was glad not to be in my nice truck and shaking the hell out of it. Funny thing happened we met a Toyota Camery about 1/2 a mile from the hole. Old guy and his wife who was ready to kill him because of what he had put their car through. The last 2 miles of the road are quite good and he was glad for the news.
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    The view from the road just as you get close
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    We had a great hike to the bottom and back up to the top.
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    I think this is the spot of the story about the last wagon down. The mother told her kids to stay on the blanket and wait for the fathers return to get them. I will work on the names and I can't remember them.

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    Navaho Mt It was a great day.
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    Boy scout monument. Sad day for 13 Families
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    Back in Ephraim to the snow. The weather was not all that great. I belive this is my last ride of the season
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    It was a great trip the desert the mountain the sand the snow. Utah what a great state.
    Name:  2012-04-06_15-48-42&.jpg
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    Cool, looking forward for the rest of the photos

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    Looking forward to the rest of the photos too. I've always wanted to explore this area on an atv. I'd also like to go up on top and check out the Griffin (I think that's the name) Cabin that Kelsey describes in his guide.

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