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Thread: Burro Wash - Capitol Reef

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    Burro Wash - Capitol Reef


    I'm just wondering if the whole Burro Wash in Capitol Reef is a technical slot canyon or if parts of it can be done by "normal" hikers?

    I read one tr and it sounds like the canyon starts 1.25 Miles after the parking area, and the technical part begins after 4 miles (Upper Burro Wash). Did I get this right? Also if this is right, is the non-technical part worth a visit?

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    You can see some good slot sections from the bottom and without using ropes. It's still worth visiting if you aren't into technical canyoneering.
    Utah is a very special and unique place. There is no where else like it on earth. Please take care of it and keep the remaining wild areas in pristine condition. The world will be a better place if you do.

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    Cottonwood Wash from the bottom up is also really good.

    FYI: When you reach the bottom of the final rappel in Burro Wash if you back up about 250-yards you can exit out the north side and climb around the rappel and keep hiking up for a loooong ways. The climb around is for experianced hikers with some route finding skills.

    Burrow Wash and Cottonwood Wash from the bottom up are great hikes.

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    Thanks. It's a hard decision. We drive from Capitol Reef to Escalante (Notom Bullfrog Road - Burr Trail) and want to do one hike that day. Right now I'm trying to decide between:

    - Burro Wash
    - Cottonwood Wash
    - Upper Muley Twist
    - Little Death Hollow

    Hard decision which one is the most scenic.

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    If it was me... and I could only do one.... it would be Cottonwood Wash:

    But I also like water and you will probably find more water in Cottonwood than the others.

    Second choice would be Burro:

    If I had young kids it would probably be Sulphur Creek:

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    No young Kids
    But what I'm thinking right now is, that we already have a few slots on our list (Kanarra Creek, Zion Area) and Upper Muley would be something different because it has great views from the rim trail part. Would be somethings different to the slot canyons. Just wondering if the canyon part of Upper Muley Twist is worth the hike.

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    All of them are good. Personally, I would choose Little Death Hollow (if you have an entire day at your disposal) because you can see the entire canyon (much more than you can in Burro or Cottonwood) without ropes and it's a good one. If I were to use ropes/rope skills, I'd choose Burro and Cottonwood, but if you don't, I'd suggest Little Death Hollow.

    All four hikes are surpurb though and well worth visiting. You really can't go wrong.
    Utah is a very special and unique place. There is no where else like it on earth. Please take care of it and keep the remaining wild areas in pristine condition. The world will be a better place if you do.

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    Cottonwood, Burro, etc are technical when one does a long shuttle and comes from the other side. They are awesome bottom up but you will need to slog. If you don't want to hit water, go to Sheets gulch. I was just there and you won't need to slog any mud. And, you will be alone. Plus, you can see and climb these hoodoos and be the first to answer my post about them. Below is a pic from Sheets last week.

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    Thx Form sharing Info. :):thumbup:

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    Quote Originally Posted by DesertDuke View Post
    If you don't want to hit water, go to Sheets gulch.
    Sheets is a great hike... but it usually contains some wading. I'd say in normal conditions Sheets and Burro will contain about the same amount of water... meaning if one has knee deep wading so will the other, if one is waist deep so is the other.

    Cottonwood usually has a little more water and often has one short mandatory swim.

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    Looks like a lot of fun. :thumbup:

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    Sheets is great, we avoided the wading by scrambling just above and around and back down. Good narrows for a long ways above that. Its only 20 minutes or so from the parking lot to the beginning of the narrows.

    Upper Muley isnt worth it IMHO, its a bit of a hike up there and the narrows are short and not very bang for the buck. Its worth it to hike to Saddle Arch, which is bitchin, and only a couple miles up. There is a fun slot to explore immediately south of the arch, and the short hike to the Strike Valley Overlook has an amazing view too.

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