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Thread: My Precious Mine

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    My Precious Mine

    Just when you think all the mines in the west have been discovered and searched, you come across something crazy. This is a recent trip somewhere in Nevada.

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    Any details on the stuff in there particularly dates? I saw it had a battery so it can't be that old right? What a fascinating find though, some amazing stuff down there looks like.

    i would be really nervous around those old dynamites, even though I'm sure it was probably perfectly safe, hehe.
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    There's actually two parts to this mine. The original old section which was basically a drift that went back into the mountain. Sometime later they started sinking an incline shaft that intersects the original entrance. The equipment in the mine ranges from 1880's - 1960's. There was old ore cars and modern ones too. The mucker that you see in the video was probably from the modern workings maybe 1930-1940. That's only the second mucker I've ever ran into mine exploring. Very rare.

    As you work your way down into the mine you suddenly come upon the modern incline. There is a hoist, ore cars, mine jacks, etc. The dynamite in the video has dates from the 1960's. So it's fairly new. Don't touch it. I was surprised how much was there. Usually you see one or two sticks, but too find a pile like that is rare. We did try to go down the modern incline, but after about 50 feet our air meter started going off saying the CO level was rising and the Oxygen level was dropping. We could see the incline went down into darkness. Who knows how deep it is and what's down there. Probably lots more mining stuff.

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    Fascinating. thanks for sharing the details and awesome video. Really enjoyed it.
    Your safety is not my responsibility.

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    What air meter do you guys use?
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    We've been using the MSA Orion Multigas monitor. Seems to work pretty well.

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