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Thread: Cold Smoke...In March????? Finally!!!!

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    Cold Smoke...In March????? Finally!!!!

    It is about time we got a good dumping of that white stuff here in the Wasatch. What a crazy contrast to last season! Just as I had resigned myself to the fact that I was not going to get a single deep blower powder day this season, we got walloped with 40+ inches of the good stuff

    Been playing around with the GoPro I got for my birthday, figuring out angles and such, so here are some of the better shots I got from the weekend. Make sure to change the quality to the highest resolution your computer can handle (Anyone know if I can change the default to something higher than 360p).

    Sunday (3/18/12) I found myself at Alta in the midst of a full blown circus after negotiating the 1.5 hour traffic jam in LCC . A lightning strike had knocked the power out so no lifts were turning until 10:00 am. The line for Collins was rediculous, so I got on the Wildcat train. Wildcat was running on diesel backup and thus was only loading every other chair. Finally got on the lift while a huge crowd was still waiting for a shut down Collins. Got an untracked lap under the Wildcat lift and then on lap 2 decided to hike up Baldy shoulder. To my surprise, I found the Keyhole gate had recently opened. In I went:


    Another lap through Keyhole and Collins still was not open (in fact it was announced that it would not open at all), but the Collins return was open from the top of Surgarloaf. Off I went across the dreaded rope tow, up Sunnyside, up Sugarloaf, across the EBT and finally onto the High T which had been unaccesible until now. Took an untracked run through Stone Crusher (Only to find that my GoPro battery had died ) and started the circuit again only to be thwarted by a once again closed Sugarloaf. Hung out for an hour until they got it open again and back around I went, this time heading through Eagle's nest. Very few people made the commitment to the long laps, which would leave a mostly untracked Collins terrain for Monday. Worth taking Monday off for???? Hell yes!

    Monday morning I woke up bright and early to hit the closed road as one of the first cars. Road opened at 8:45 and I was at the lifts at 9:15. Lifts were on delay, but Collins finally opened at 9:45. Up I went to find a huge line awaiting the opening of the high T. No way was I going to pass up the 16 inches of new snow laying on top of the unskied 20 inches from the day before right under the lift. Two laps under the lift and I reached the top of Collins to watch a patroller finally drop the rope to the High T. Time to hop in line only to find a perfect shot.

    Untracked shot off of the High T:

    Later during this run, I traversed out through the trees to get a bit longer of a run an experienced some shooting cracks.

    Always creepy whether in-bounds or out-of-bounds:

    I finished up the morning with 2 laps in Eagle's Nest. I can't get enough of the terrain hidden in there, especially when deep!

    Best footage of the day with a slo-mo face shot added in for fun:

    Was sad to have to head to work after that, but at least it was a phenomenal start to the day!

    Happy spring all!!!

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    Wow!!! You lucky dogs!
    We managed to eke out 6" over a 2 day period.
    Looks like it's going back to warm and sunny for another week.

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