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Thread: Rope Choice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bootboy View Post
    You may notice that my scale is dusty, been a while since I used it...
    Sorry bro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bootboy View Post
    I coat the last inch with Mcnett seam grip. While it's still wet, I put a piece of heat-shrink tubing on it. Super solid.
    Beware of putting tape or heatshrink tubing on rope ends as edges can catch and cause the rope to stick when pulling down. I have had a climbing rope get fully stuck due to the (flimsy) end tape snagging. Smooth, catch-free ends are ideal.

    Fully meltable ends (e.g. nylon, polyester, etc) can be tapered nicely over a gas stove.

    Non-meltable ends (e.g. aramid sheath): seal an inch or so of sheath in the area to be cut with seam grip, whip-end dip, or similar. When dry, cut rope cleanly with a razor blade at midpoint of sealed area. Pull about 1.5" of core material out of the sheath and cut it off. Use additional seam grip to glue and taper the hollow sheath ends.

    Semi-meltable ends (e.g. BW Canyon Pro): same as for non-meltable, except tape can be used instead of seam grip, and the ends melted and tapered.

    Note on melting/tapering: Leather gloves work well to shape heat-softened material.

    Shown: tapered end of Imlay 8mm Canyon rope (teatering on the edge of postability)

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    I like the tapering idea. Thanks

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