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Thread: Manning to the Donkeys

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    I wondered how the donkey's would ever be able to dump Tebow with alienating their fan base.

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    I hate Denver, good for manning although it seemed like sf was waiting for him to lead them to the Super Bowl. Also good for smith. I bet the cold weather is going to hurt that neck

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    OH yeah Baby!!

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    The donkeys superbowl odds went from 60 to 1 yesterday to 10 to 1 today in Vegas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iceaxe View Post
    The donkeys superbowl odds went from 60 to 1 yesterday to 10 to 1 today in Vegas.

    Dang.... Manning has had FOUR neck surgeries. Knowing a thing or two about bad necks, I actually can't believe he is even going to suit up. Don't think there won't be a bigger target on him with that weakness. Football ain't about sharing your unicorns and bunny rabbits with each other. I am actually nervous that he is playing. I'd hate to see him carted off in game one.
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    O.K. guys, it's not donkeys, it's here in Denver I have a front row seat to all this stuff. I would have been looking forward to either guy next season but having Manning is going to be surreal. Should be interesting and fun to watch. I hope...

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