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    Bogley recommended, here's where I've been visiting...

    I've been photographing the American Southwest for the last three months with some success (if I do say so myself).

    I'm glad to have found this site, I only wish I'd known of it whilst planning my trip.

    Googling Flickr Sanfairyanne should bring up my images, I can't send a link as this is my first post.

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    Welcome to bogley! Just 2 more posts and you'll be able to post links

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    Quote Originally Posted by sanfairyanne View Post
    Googling Flickr Sanfairyanne should bring up my images,
    I did this and found some a picture of a weird British van by helenoftheways with San Fairy Anne on the side and the claim of specializing in Hand. ?? Certainly not what I was expecting. However, I did see the pics in SB's post and they are fantastic!!

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