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Thread: Liking things.

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    Liking things.

    I noticed there's a new option to 'like' someone's post here. I've said this before I think; I like liking things that I like.
    So, what does it do? Will I get a notification if someone 'likes' something I said? Will I win a prize if more people 'like' my rant in a political topic than Tom's rant? Will there be an option to 'like' a whole thread?
    And, it appears to be forum-only, but will these 'likes' be tied into Facebook at all?

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    You're correct, it's forum only, no facebook, myspace, linkedin, twitter or any of that stuff. We started this for one of the photo contests last year in the Dark Room forum and decided we might as well open it up to the whole forum.

    Now Imma gonna go ahead and Like your post and you should get a notification. Maybe that's all I felt like doing rather than padding my huge post stats with posting an emoticon.

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