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Thread: The Utah Draw Deadlines coming to put in for your 2012 big game hunts.

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    The Utah Draw Deadlines coming to put in for your 2012 big game hunts.

    I thought I would let everyone know Feb 28 will be the last day to put in for Bucks, Bulls, and once in a lifetime big game hunts for the state of Utah. If you would like to see the odds of drawing and success, go to

    To apply for a Tag go to

    This will be my 16th year of putting in for Limited Entry Bull Elk, which means I have 16 bonus points, which also means that for the Plateau Boulder Mountain Unit early rifle hunt this year I should have enough to guarantee being drawn.
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    I got mine (and my 13 year olds) in a week or so ago. Fingers crossed we get tags for the Fillmore area.
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    I'm not a hunter, but my neighbor is and he is curious to see how it all shakes out this year. I usually tag along just to enjoy hiking and see the elk up close and personal. I don't know what the area is called, but he hunts down by Fairview, up on the Skyline Ridge??, I think. He drew out back in 2008 and shot (archery) a 6x7 345. Got most of it on video.

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    Buddy of mine & I have ours in for deer, antelope, & gobblers. :) Can't wait!

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    I officially put in today, I'm not a big fan of the stupid app fees. $5 used to be easier to stomach but $10 per hunt c'mon. Now I have to pay $10 to put in for the dedicated hunter program, that's $30 total in fees that literally count towards nothing, not if you draw or don't. Luckily my kids and wife don't hunt or I would have to take a loan out just to pay the app fees to put them in the draw. I tire of having my Idaho buddies tell me how even their most desirable hunts are so cheap for Idaho residents. I'm just ranting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MY T PIMP View Post
    $5 used to be easier to stomach but $10 per hunt c'mon.
    I understand inflation and that everything costs more, but 100% increase--that's ridiculous. I guess $6 or $7 per hunt would be too confusing for them.

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