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Thread: Eagles at Farmington Bay

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    Went down yesterday .... once midday and once in the evening. Saw 3 eagles, a long way off midday, lots of harriers, some kestrels, coots and pied billed grebs. In the evening got one eagle closer, still not awesome, saw 7 great blue herons fly in for the night and got wonderful sunset pics.

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    I went to Farmington Bay yesterday. I arrived just after 10:00AM. There was one eagle in the eagle trees but that was the only eagle I saw. A kestrel as I turned off of Glover Ln and a shoveler at the end of the road. Pretty slim pickings! More eagles viewers and air boats (7) than eagles.

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    It seems that the mystery grim reaper has been tentatively identified: West Nile

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    There will probably be a few eagles around Farmington Bay, I've seen a few this year but the word I'm hearing is that there will be no carp poisoning. Authorities are afraid that concentration the eagles may spread the West Nike Virus that has caused a number of eagle deaths so far this year. Still, I'll probably check in a week or two.

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    Resurrecting an old thread here... Anybody been to Farmington Bay for eagles in 2015?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ofer4 View Post
    Resurrecting an old thread here... Anybody been to Farmington Bay for eagles in 2015?
    I was there about a week ago. A few eagles way away on the ice but nothing really close. There were some birds in the eagle trees but I didn't take a closer look to confirm that they were eagles. I suspect until carp are poisoned and or more ice forms this will be another terrible eagle year. All of that can change in a matter of days so we can still hope.

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    This Bald Eagle Photography Workshop will be a 3 day workshop dedicated to Nature and Wildlife Photography at the farmington Bay Waterfowl Management. Ashauer told the Standard-Examiner that eagles have been active in willard Bay and the farmington Bay Bird Refuge. For years managers at farmington Bay WMA have killed carp as a management tool. The dead fish bring in hundreds of Bald Eagles.

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