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Thread: Utah Football 2012

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    Utah Football 2012

    2012 Utah Football Schedule

    Aug. 30 (Thursday)

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    Ya gotta love it!!!

    October 4th Utah should be hosting the #1 ranked team in the country, and a Heisman front runner, with 10 days to prepare. It should be a barn burner.

    I love this PAC 12 deal.

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    Going to be another fun season! Don't forget though, USC also has 10 days to prepare.

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    I might ride my moto up to the Oregon State game.

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    In College football the next three weeks are crazy because February 1 is National letter of intent day. Every school is rushing to snag uncommitted players and fill holes in their future roosters.

    And just for fun.....

    Ridiculously Early 2012 Pac-12 Power Rankings
    By Trevor Amicone

    1.USC — They are returning the most starters and they were probably the best team in the conference this year. Too bad they cheated.

    2.Oregon — They will probably meet the Trojans in the conference title game in 2012 with the winner possibly playing for the national title.

    3.Stanford — The Cardinal will drop off a bit, but the main pieces within their scheme will be in place.

    4.Utah — The Utes return all of their playmakers offensively and they add one or two, most importantly, bringing back Jordan Wynn. If he stays healthy, there’s conference title game potential.

    5.California — The Golden Bears bring back all their important pieces on offense, but they lose a good portion of their defense, which is why they are lower than Utah even after shellacking the Utes in ’11.

    6.Arizona State — This team is so hard to read, but they are talented and should be able to improve with Graham at the helm. But it may take more than a year to get the undisciplined Erickson disciples out of Tempe. There will probably be push back in year one for Graham, but I also wouldn’t be shocked to see the Sun Devils in the Pac-12 title game. The Sun Devils are a wildcard in 2012.

    7.Washington — It will take a year, maybe two to improve the defense the way new defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox undoubtedly will. If he does by 2013, look out!

    8.UCLA — Mora will bring a different voice to the Bruins, but it will take a while to get through to the majority of the team.

    9.Oregon State — This will probably be Mike Riley’s last year in Corvallis. He deserved a pass on 2011, but 2012 will be more of a holding cell (purgatory, if you will) for Riley, only with a bad ending.

    10.Arizona — I like the Rodriguez hire, but losing Foles and the other major offensive weapons will result in another bad year in Tucson.

    11.Washington State — Leach will have an uphill battle after losing so many starters, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see an upset pulled off late in the season by the Cougars, maybe Washington on Nov. 23, Utah on Nov. 3 or UCLA on Nov. 17.

    12.Colorado — Cellar dwellers again, the Buffaloes are simply losing too many players to make any real progress in 2012. I like Embree and he should get a little leeway because the previous recruiting was organized so poorly, but this year might be even uglier than last year.

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    Having USC at home could make for a good year...definitely a tough game, but winnable.

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    Anther bright side of the USC game is Wynn might not be hurt yet and Utah relying on a back-up.

    FWIW: I think the player the Utes are going to miss the most next year is Shaun Asiata, that dude was the dump truck openning the holes for White to run through. I'm really curious to see where Asiata goes in the NFL draft, a guy like him should do well in the NFL. A super blocking back that can catch passes out of the backfield is kinda rare, and dangerous.

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    Utah is kicking ass today when it comes to signing recruits. They picked up some really big names and some major talent, including the number 11 rated QB in the country and a top 10 OL.

    The two DB's the utes want bad haven't signed with anyone as of yet.

    Utah's O-line looks like it will be strong for at least the next 4 years.

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    Brian Johnson new OC

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    Quote Originally Posted by trackrunner View Post
    Brian Johnson new OC

    Don't know how you give a 24 year old kid this job.... Guess it could be his many years of coaching.....or the amazing quarterbacks that he has developed in those years.....

    Think there is a reason they didn't announce until after signing day....

    I wish the best for BJ and love the Utes, but this has me scratching my head.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trackrunner View Post
    Brian Johnson new OC

    But so far Whitt has done a good job with his coaching staff so I guess we'll see.... I also understand the Utes will be returning to the Spread-Option, and there are really not a lot of coaches that understand that offense as well as BJ. Play calling will probably be his biggest learning curve.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iceaxe View Post

    But so far Whitt has done a good job with his coaching staff so I guess we'll see.... I also understand the Utes will be returning to the Spread-Option, and there are really not a lot of coaches that understand that offense as well as BJ. Play calling will probably be his biggest learning curve.
    Not 100% sure where the thought that Brian Johnson has an inside track on the spread option comes from.... He played it in college and coached the quarterbacks running it for 1 year(maybe 1.5 if you count them using it some last year)...not exactly guru material. It isn't like it is an offense nobody runs or is new.....

    It will be interesting to watch him put together a gameplan on Sunday/Monday, implement that during the week & how effective it is come Saturday.

    Word is, Roderick is looking at jobs elsewhere(Nevada)....that would hurt, he is a great recruiter & coach.

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    I just keep thinking Whit see's something in Brian that he really likes, or he wouldn't have the job. And I think most people will agree Whit has done a pretty good job leading he team.

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    I figured that BJ would be an OC at some point, just not this soon. Of course who knew Chow was going to leave for Hawaii. IMO it would have been better if BJ had some more time under Chow, but it wasn't in the cards. Obviously coach Whitt knows best. We'll see how he does.

    I'm torn about changing offenses again. I liked the pro set, but I like the spread too. Just win baby!

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    Quote Originally Posted by accadacca View Post
    I liked the pro set, but I like the spread too.
    Run the offense that best suits your personal, and don't force your personal to adapt to an offense.

    One thing I know from watching Chase Hansen, in addition to being the best passer in Utah HS football last year, he might also have been the best running back. I don't know much about the other QB they signed.... if they go with Winn he probably won't be healthy past mid-season, if he makes it that far.

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    Utah's football game against Utah State has been moved to a Friday kickoff to accommodate a live broadcast on ESPN2. Kickoff is set for 6 p.m. on Sept. 7. The change means Utah's first Saturday game won't be until it hosts BYU on Sept. 15. The opener on Aug. 30 against Northern Colorado is on a Thursday and the Utes play USC on Thursday, Oct. 4. Kickoff times have yet to be announced for the other games.

    2012 Utah Football Schedule
    Aug. 30 (Thu.) Northern Colorado*Salt Lake City
    Sept. 7 (Fri.) at Utah State*Logan, Utah, 6 p.m.
    Sept. 15 BYU*Salt Lake City
    Sept. 22 at Arizona State*Tempe, Ariz.
    Sept. 29 BYE
    Oct. 4 (Thu.) USC*Salt Lake City
    Oct. 13 at UCLA*Los Angeles, Calif.
    Oct. 20 at Oregon State*Corvallis, Ore.
    Oct. 27 California*Salt Lake City
    Nov. 3 Washington State*Salt Lake City
    Nov. 10 at Washington*Seattle, Wash.
    Nov. 17 Arizona*Salt Lake City
    Nov. 23 (Fri.) at Colorado*Boulder, Colo.

    This is awesome!!! We get the Provo Daily Herald's/Desert-News Pre-season National Title Contender winners at home on Sept 15th!

    Of course, they'll be out of it (realistically speaking) by then and shifting the focus of the football game instead to how good the basketball team will be that year....and how good the football team will be in '13.

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    What are the Utes going to do about an O-line???

    Because the one they currently have couldn't stop a herd of grandmothers...

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    Went to the Red and White game yesterday. Really good to get the football fix in the spring. Can't wait for September

    The boys looked pretty good. For the first time in a few years I am happy with the QB situation. Wynn looked like his normal self, except had a better throwing great pass to start the game and then 3 picks . That being said,the 3 freshman Chase Hansen, Travis Wilson, and Adam Schulz looked great. Good pocket mobility, good arms, etc. All running backs had some good breaks. This could be a really good season.

    Prior to the Red and White game was the alumni flag football game. There was good fun going on on the field, and a lot of poking fun by the announcer.

    Afterwards, I scored one of the 250 wrist bands to get autographs. Got a poster covered in signatures!

    Here's the photos...first time using our new Canon EOS T3i with a 50-250mm lens

    A couple from the Alumni Game
    Name:  IMG_0669..jpg
Views: 130
Size:  87.0 KB

    Name:  IMG_0671..jpg
Views: 124
Size:  96.1 KB

    Brian Johnson getting back in his groove
    Name:  IMG_0672..jpg
Views: 125
Size:  87.5 KB

    Hail Mary to tie the game...launched by none other than BJ!
    Name:  IMG_0676..jpg
Views: 132
Size:  106.5 KB

    Celebrating the catch and escaping with a tie at the buzzer
    Name:  IMG_0677..jpg
Views: 123
Size:  88.6 KB

    On to the Red and White game:

    Hays launching one
    Name:  IMG_0683..jpg
Views: 122
Size:  136.5 KB

    Wynn launching one
    Name:  IMG_0684..jpg
Views: 122
Size:  112.0 KB

    Kruger and Langi
    Name:  IMG_0687..jpg
Views: 128
Size:  98.2 KB

    Eric Weddle back for a visit!
    Name:  IMG_0689..jpg
Views: 120
Size:  103.7 KB

    Dres Anderson pulling one in and burning the secondary
    Name:  IMG_0692..jpg
Views: 110
Size:  88.2 KB

    Brian Johnson looking comfortable in his new position
    Name:  IMG_0693..jpg
Views: 127
Size:  98.3 KB

    Tonga with a catch for 6!
    Name:  IMG_0695..jpg
Views: 119
Size:  90.9 KB

    DeVonte Christopher with a catch!
    Name:  IMG_0697..jpg
Views: 107
Size:  96.0 KB

    Chase Hansen on the run getting quite a few yards
    Name:  IMG_0701..jpg
Views: 110
Size:  113.4 KB

    The Utah PAC12 flag flying high
    Name:  IMG_0704..jpg
Views: 112
Size:  26.1 KB

    Travis Wilson launching one
    Name:  IMG_0705..jpg
Views: 114
Size:  109.0 KB

    Can't wait for the season!

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    I noticed the freshmen QB's were fair game.

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