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Thread: Oh Dang! Beech is in Hospital - MTB Crash

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    Oh Dang! Beech is in Hospital - MTB Crash

    Just saw this on Facebook. @Sombeech bites the dust Mountain Biking in Arizona.

    From Terry: Sooooo.... Our awesome day of bike riding ended with Justin's front quick release failing and Justin face planting it in the dirt. Incoherent for 30 minutes. I called 911 the second it happened. The best ride was the ambulance ride! Right! Still at the hospital!
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    The ironic thing is that Beech is usually on the other end of the camera in these situations. Including when I broke my wrist and tons of other peoples crashes. I wonder if he has helmetcam footage.

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    Gold mine trail San tan Arizona

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    Hes smiling..... kindof, so I assume that everything will be ok.

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    Yeah, thanks. I'm out now. pretty bad concussion

    Here's what happened

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    holy shit man. glad you are relatively okay. i had the exact same thing happen to me in 7th grade. busted out all of my front teeth when my face pounded into the ground after i went off a jump and my front tire continued on down the road... no one is sure how i didn't get a concussion or worse. and i wasn't wearing a helmet. scary stuff.

    best wishes on a speedy recovery.

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    Sombeech lost a wheel!

    I guess be thankful that it was not worse.

    Hope you are on the mend soon.

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    Looks to me like the pain killers are kickin in!

    Get well beech!

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    Here's me with NO idea where I am, how I got there, what the hell happened. I was puzzled at what I'm doing in Arizona.

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    Sorry to hear it Beech... I raise a casted wrist to you in salute! Give it a few dayz and you'll be back to normalish.

    Great video though... the wheel rolling out in front... uh oh, that can't be good!


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    oh damn! hope you're okay, 'beech!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandstone Addiction View Post
    Looks to me like the pain killers are kickin in!
    I wish! They didn't give me jack squat except for some friendly advice to take Ibuprofren. Sheesh, what the hell does a guy hafta do to manage some pain.

    thanks everybody for the concerns. The crash happened at 5 pm today and I left the hospital at 8 pm. I got my first ride in an ambulance, YAY!

    I've just got a minor headache and a handful of scrapes and bruises. I'm grateful it is "No Shave November" and my beard probably saved a little bit more skin. My wife will wake me up a couple of times tonight just to make sure my head is feeling ok. The main scare was a brain or neck injury.

    Oh and special note, I think it's a year ago to the date that @glasscutter (Mark) had his rough accident in St George, 7 broken ribs and clavicle.... On this same bike!

    It's still a great bike though, here's what happened... I took the wheels off to pack it in the van for the trip down here. I failed miserably to put the front wheel back on tight enough I guess. Funny thing is, this comes at the end of @10 miles of riding today.

    Anyways, here are some pics for your viewing pleasure.


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    My own prescription

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    AHGHGHG!!! No more filming this weekend I suppose. The camera came out perfectly though

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    They are obsessed with cutting shirts

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    Wo.... hope you feel better soon.
    Life is Good

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    Oh and a hell of a fat lip

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    Sorry man. I hope you get better soon.
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    Brutal!! Glad you are up and moving.
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    I love the end of the interview vid when you ask if you were filming. Priority is in the right place.

    Speedy recovery.

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    San Tan or South Mountain?
    The gostak distims the doshes.

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    Good hell! Justin glad this crash wasn't as rough as Marks. Maybe ya all better take a holiday from that bike on Nov 23rd. Nice catch on film by the way!

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    Heal quickly.
    Glad it wasn't worse.

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