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Thread: 2011.10.20 - Canyoneering (basic-) instruction course @ ZAC

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    2011.10.20 - Canyoneering (basic-) instruction course @ ZAC

    Having booked a canyoneering instruction course at ZAC, I had to be there at 7.30 AM, where I met Hank. He would be my instructor/ teacher that day. First impression of Hank was good, which would remain my opinion the rest of the day and afterwards as well. After some basic theory about safety, anchors and knots, we went to a 'practice-canyon', just outside Zion at the Kolob Terrace Road. Step by step I was taught the basics of canyoneering. I appreciated how Hank made me think, involved me in how the basic canyoneering techniques work, instead of just telling and making me repeat after him. Compliments for that!

    Started with the basics of safety, double rope descends, meanwhile also being thaught to anchor properly and related topics. Then my very first rappel followed. It was a bit scary at first, hanging myself and my life on this rope..... It went properly though. Next more anchoring and single rope descends followed.

    It was an intense but fantastic day. I learned a lot and it was so much fun. Below you can find some pictures of that day and of a beautiful autumn-color view we experienced. I
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    Quote Originally Posted by maarten.1975 View Post
    where I met Hank. He would be my instructor/ teacher that day. First impression of Hank was good, which would remain my opinion the rest of the day and afterwards as well.
    Hank is awesome. My youngest daughter thinks he is just the greatest.

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    Some people "go" through life and other people "grow" through life. -Robert Holden

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    Hank has forgot more about the nylon highway than most of us will ever know...

    Nice shots!

    Now, where is that canyon?

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    Aha! Lamb's Knoll. Interesting to see how the colours changed within just a few weeks... that fourth photo is a real cracker.

    I was there doing very similar things in mid-September with a non-Hank ZAC guide on the 1st day of a 3 day basic course. Some days later I met (and dined) with the real Hank, (along with the folks I had keyhole'd with earlier that day) at the Whiptail[1]...chipotle vinaigrette all round!


    [1] Which turned out to be my most frequent eating haunt during my 10 day stay.

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    wow, big thanks Maarten and alla y'all. Maarten and I had a fantastic day learning "the ropes", discussing the finer points of salty licorice, and enjoying the beautiful fall colors. Yahooooo! Oh, and compliments to Maarten on being a fantastic student with an uncanny ability to pick up new knots on the first tie. :)

    Michael, the Whiptail is now closed for the season. :( Can't wait 'til March for another relleno fix :)

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