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Thread: What's your favorite sleeping pad?

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    BA Air Core and Insulated Air Core, depending on the temp. I like the vertical baffling better than the horizontal of the NeoAir. If cost were no object to me, I'd probably be talking about my Expeds, but the Big Agnes pads are quiet, comfy, and inexpensive, and I have no complaints.
    If you're not accustomed to air mattresses(I wasn't) just remember to partially deflate the mat 'til it's comfortable after you climb on. May take a little trial and error to find your sweet spot at first, and blowing a mat back up some if you let a little too much air out.

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    I use a regular Neoair for most of my camping trips and a small Prolite for backpacking.

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    I use the Thermarest ProLite for all my backpacking and camping needs.

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    I recently started using the BA insulated aircore and I like it alot. It is slightly annoying having to blow it all the way up and squeeze all the air out to roll it up, but it is more comfortable than any self inflating pad I have used.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Nebz View Post
    I am looking into getting one of these for next season:

    You can slip it in your sleeping bag, and it weighs 9 ounces.
    That is seriously cool. I'd love to try one out for a night.

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    I have a Mammut adjungulak soft skin mat. The top is made of a stretchy material and it is by far the most comfortable pad I've ever used. I've had it for 4 years and have had to patch a couple leaks tho (just a dab of seam grip). I use it at least 20-30 nights a summer and my nights in the back country are much better for having it.

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    +1 for the Thermarest ProLite.

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    I love the ExPed bought it after I read Backpacker riveiw.
    I figured that it is expensive, but I am going to spend 6 to 8 hours on it a night so similar to hiking boots.

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    I got a new pad a couple months back and really like it. Klymit Static V. Super comfortable and lightweight. Their site says 20oz but my pad weighs only 16oz. The inflate nozzle is really cool. It works way better than the two Big Agnes pads that I have that are a pain in the but to inflate. This pad is also 23 inches wide instead of the usual 20 inches. Klymit is also based out of Ogden, UT.

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    A lot of choices out there meeting your requirments. I think pretty much any inflatable pad with 1 1/2" or more loft is going to keep you off the hard ground. After that, it's weight and insulation that becomes a factor.

    I have a Big Agnus insulated air core. It's very comfortable and has a great insulation factor. The think I did not like about it was that I had to blow it up after a long hike. Does not sound like a big deal but I just dreaded that! I just bought a Exped Downmat UL (just released). It costs a pretty penny but was only about 4 ounces heavier then their less insulated mat and the R values goes from around 3.5 to 5. The thing I really like about it is that it comes with a "pump bag"... a very light weight dry bag that you connect, capture air and pump into the down filled pad. I bought it ar REI with the 20% off and dividend but it _still_ cost a small fortune.

    I have a (_LAME_) video of it here:

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    If you are car camping... nothing beats Paco pads or Silverback from Casscade Outfitters. They are expensive, bulky, but sleeping on 3 or 4" of heaven is awesome! Oh and they are bulletproof.

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    Car camping? I just pull the 2" memory foam pad of my mattress at home and it fits perfectly in the bottom of my bibler tent. Room for 2. :)

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    ...YATE 'Trekker', 900 grams, 3.8 cm thickness made in CZ - good in price: 60 USD and comfort.
    My wife Therm-A-Rest Trail Pro Woman's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wasatch Rebel View Post
    Cool. Please come back and tell us how it works out!

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    I've used a Prolight for the past several years. But, now it looks like I need to break down and get a NeoAir. You guys suck!

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    Nemo Cosmo I spend a lot of nights in warm weather, so I did not opt for the insulation. By far the most comfortable lightweight pad I've slept on.

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