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Thread: Need some Lake Powell advice please

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    Need some Lake Powell advice please

    I'm in charge of organizing a houseboating adventure on Lake Powell in a few weeks, Oct 12-17. None of us have gone before, we are departing from Wahweap. Wondering what to rent as far as water toys go. A few of us want Jet Skis, but they charge and arm and a leg at the marina. Any recommendations for a less expensive place to rent from? We will be driving from Durango. Also thinking of renting a kayak or two. Anyone know if the water is just too cold to do this in October, would we be better off renting a power boat?

    Any advice appreciated :)


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    I'll answer the temperature question, the answer is NO it's not too cold. October is a great time of year to go to Lake Powell, sometimes even through November.

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    Re: Need some Lake Powell advice please

    Yeah, it's Ok to go to Lake Powell in that kind of month. In fact, whatever month you desire to go to Lake Powell for house-boating adventure or for a family vacation trip, there is a boat rental that you can rent to enjoy your moments together with your friends and family.

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    whenever we go, we rent our boats and skis from Skylite Boat rentals in Big Water. Very good prices, boats are in good shape, and they are very helpful. It depends on what you're really wanting to do. I would strongly suggest just a boat rental, since you can do a lot more with it than jet skis. Ask if someone in your party has a ski they want to bring along. But it's limited to two or three people at a time. With the boat, you can check out a lot more area and get into some tight spots for sightseeing, and bring the whole gang with you. I know I am reviving an old thread, but I think the info on boat rental companies is good to get out there for everyone heading to Powell.
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