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Thread: RX drugs killed 5 times more people than Heroin. Utah second highest in overdose.

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    RX drugs killed 5 times more people than Heroin. Utah second highest in overdose.


    The really interesting part was the CDC report found here:

    The report only goes to 2007 so my guess is stats are probably worse now.
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    I'd be curious to know the physiological cause of death from the "opioid analgesics" mentioned in the article. Deaths from Hydrocodone, Oxy, etc are a result of two different reasons:

    1. Respiratory arrest due to supressed breathing.


    2. Massive liver failure due to copious amounts of Acetaminophen present in the drug.

    Acetominophen is the PRIMARY ingredient in Hydrocodone, and your liver can only take so much of it at once before the onset of massive liver failure. The Acetominophen content of Hydrocodone can range anywhere from 325mg - 500mg per pill. The recommended daily dose in 24 hours is 4000mg. Anything over that, and you're playing Russian roulette.

    They put Acetominophen in opioids for several reasons - to synergistically kill pain in the body, to "boost" the effects of the opioid, and to discourage overdose of the drug. Problem is...if there are a lot of deaths due to massive liver failure, then the Acetominophen isn't discouraging people to misuse the drug as much as it is killing ignorant drug abusers.
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    I would add.....there are safe and easy ways to remove over 95% of the Acetominophen in opioid analgesics.

    Google: "Cold water extraction"

    Stay safe folks!!
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