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Thread: Roy section of the Rio Grande trail almost done

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    Roy section of the Rio Grande trail almost done

    I didn't take any pictures or video, but I was riding home from work yesterday and noticed that the Roy is almost done with their section of the Rio grande trail. They were clearing out a few overgrown trees and they may need to add another coat of asphault, and paint lines and add gates.

    I rode from the street where the west roy park is to the Clinton start of the trail. All the sections of the trail are paved. They don't have gates at all the crossing streets, so you have to be careful that you don't go flying into a car's path. But it made for a more quiet ride home, less cars to deal with. Check it out if you have time.

    Here is the google map.

    Viewing on a mobile device? Click this link to open the map:

    Thanks beech for the help on how to imbed maps. I have learned something new today..

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    Cool, I've been wondering when that will be done but haven't witnessed any work.

    So the complete route that you show is paved? Last I rode it this spring it was all gravel between 2300 N and 6000 S in Roy. Where after that does the pavement end?

    By the way:

    There's an easy way to embed it from Google Maps, which that basically is a google map, but it's already embedded in So maybe take your original route and upload it to google maps for the embed. Not sure though, here's the tutorial on basic google map embedding:

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    It is all paved. So, when I ride to work, (It seems more ocassionally than regular), I can ride the bike path from Layton to 4800 S., in Roy. I didn't check beyond 4800 South, It was on the way home, next time I ride to work, I will check it out. but it goes at least to 4800 South.

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