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Thread: Paris Ice Cave near Bear Lake Idaho

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    Paris Ice Cave near Bear Lake Idaho

    We were up at Bear Lake this weekend and decided to go check out the Paris Ice Cave. The kids loved it, there was still a bit of ice down in the bottom, and a few cracks and crevices to explore.

    I'd seen pictures from earlier in the year of huge columns of ice, and foolishly thought this would still be the case. Even though there is ice year round in the cave, it still obviously fluctuates with the heat of the year, and we're in September now.

    Getting there, from Garden City Utah to Paris Idaho, it's roughly 20 miles. Then it's 10 miles up the Paris Canyon Road - dirt road. This is easily passable for almost any vehicle. Most of the road is in very good condition. You'll run into a few spots where you'll want to navigate around the rock sticking up @2 or 3 inches, but other than that it was easy for a Toyota Camry.

    Here's the parking lot on Google Maps

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    Thanks for the pics. I keep meaning to run over there and check it out when I'm at bear lake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jumar View Post
    Thanks for the pics. I keep meaning to run over there and check it out when I'm at bear lake.

    I might do it again in the spring, should be more ice in there. I kept having these pics in mind:

    From this trip report, and this was even in July 2005:

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    Cool little Cave. I was in there on Thursday, alot more snow/ice left this time of year then most years.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Sombeech View Post
    I might do it again in the spring, should be more ice in there. I kept having these pics in mind:

    From this trip report, and this was even in July 2005:
    Nice @rockgremlin back in the day.
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