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Thread: Wife doing her first BP trip with friends, but where?

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    Wife doing her first BP trip with friends, but where?

    My wife (a regular car camper but once or twice ever backpacker) wants to take a girls backpacking trip with her friends ( mostly never before backpackers) this next weekend- *shes taking my gear but wants me to stay out I've it cuz it's HER trip. I'm not going to screw this up in the hopes it fuels the passion I've tried to drag out of her for years! *But she did ask for location recommendations. *I gave a few but I wanted some advice- *I'm in Utah county but anywhere in Utah is probably open- * I want something with wow factor but want it pretty short- like 1-2 miles max so her friends will think it's doable with 30 pounds of comfort gear. *She wants to prove she can do it alone and I want to make sure she succeeds.*
    You're recommendations?*

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    needles district of canyonlands. there are several backcountry campsites within a few miles of the trailhead at squaw flats campground. two sites in squaw canyon, three sites in lost canyon, and two more sites in big spring canyon. any of those should work. the lost canyon sites would be the farthest and even they aren't over 3 miles from the car. i don't think they could go wrong here. easy navigation too with well cairned trails and signposts at all major junctions.
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    If they are going soon there are some quick hikes in the Uintas that would be nice.. or even some in the nebo loop area..
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